Amouranth exposes the gross DMs she receives from thirsty fans

Michael Gwilliam
amouranth exposes creepy DMs

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has revealed many of her fans’ sick DMs to her on social media as the streaming sensation prepares to quit OnlyFans.

Amouranth has made a fortune through streaming and her more risque content. But recently, she has begun documenting her business ventures including buying up gas stations and loads of stock.

However, her career has reached a point where she even announced that she would be quitting OnlyFans and the ‘e-girl’ lifestyle, and in a new YouTube video addressed yet one of the reasons why she would be retiring.

On May 12, Siragusa discussed her OF departure, saying that while there are many reasons she would be leaving, the DMs she receives from fans and haters are “the cherry on top.”

amouranth poses
Amouranth has taken the internet by storm.

Amouranth reveals “questionable” messages from fans

According to Amouranth, while she doesn’t reply to messages on Twitter, Instagram and other sites, that doesn’t stop fans from spamming her inbox with all sorts of strange messages.

The comments, which ranged from quite strange to monumentally absurd were each given a sarcastic response by the streamer.

In one, a user asked how her breasts became large, prompting Amouranth to claim she works out with her chest and lifts weights with them.

Then, in another, Amouranth exposed a Twitter user who kept DMing her “guess what” for months on end. “It makes me wonder if I should really just reply, ‘what?’” the streamer pondered.

The hits kept on coming, with Amouranth exposing “old men” asking for pictures or to be intimate with her.

“In the summer, or spring break or winter break, it’s probably teenagers [messaging me] because they have anime profile pics, and whenever they have that you know it’s very toxic,” she claimed. “Every other time of the year, it’s boomers. Just old men messaging me who look like they’re in their 60s, 70s, 80s. It’s very interesting.”

It’s not clear why so many people send vulgar messages to Amouranth expecting a serious response, but maybe this video will be a warning to trolls who wouldn’t want their DMs revealed to the world.