Amouranth explains reason for her eighth Twitch ban

Meera Jacka
Amouranth mocked by fans for getting banned from Twitch for the eighth time

Twitch Partner Amouranth has copped another ban, her eighth on the platform, and viewers have correctly theorized that she’ll be back in no time.

Kaitlyn Siragusa, known professionally as ‘Amouranth‘ online, is a popular streamer who is no stranger to finding herself in trouble, having accumulated numerous bans since joining Twitch.

And it looks like she is starting 2024 with another one, ‘StreamerBans‘ announcing on X (formerly Twitter) that Amouranth has been banned for an eighth time as of January 27.

However, viewers were not convinced that the ban would last for long, using the streamer’s track record as evidence to correctly theorize that she would soon return.

The exact reason for Amouranth’s latest ban from the platform is currently unknown, though hours before it was announced on X, Amouranth tweeted a series of photos with the caption hinting at the impending ban; “Like this or you’re BANNED.”

Amouranth has since given an update on why she was banned, saying, “Man that slip was crazy My bad”

This isn’t the first time a wardrobe malfunction has caused Twitch to give her a slap on the wrist with a temporary ban. StreamerBan’s records show Amouranth has been banned eight times since 2019, with her longest ban lasting only three days and many being quickly reversed after just one.

Viewers questioned how the streamer continued to remain partners with Twitch despite her high ban count. Amouranth has previously claimed that getting banned can be a “great marketing tactic,” but insisted none of her bans had ever been intentional.

“She’s been banned more times than I’ve had school dinners,” one person wrote on X. Another said, “Well, if the pattern continues, she will be unbanned tomorrow…”

Sure enough, StreamerBans announced on January 28 that Amouranth’s ban had been reversed after just one day — one day, three minutes, and 15 seconds to be exact.

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