xQc explains why Streamlabs allowed him to break exclusive contract rules

Dave Deiley
xqc next to streamlabs logo

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has detailed his experience working with Streamlabs, explaining why the streaming software company allowed him to break out of his exclusive contract for a one-off broadcast.

Streamlabs are a Logitech-owned livestreaming software company. Towards the end of 2021 they received heavy criticism for copying other people’s branding and trading under the name ‘OBS’ without having ties to the original company.

Watching a video on-stream titled ‘The 2022 Twitch Iceberg explained‘ by Syrmaa, xQc reacted to a breakdown of issues that the company faced in recent months.

As a former sponsor of his, xQc delved into the details of his exclusive contract. The biggest streamer on Twitch didn’t hold back when describing how they failed to live up to expectations when attempting to host a media share broadcast.

In the proposed event, donations would let viewers play videos directly to stream. A utility that Streamlabs lacked. After reaching out to the company to see if they could implement that feature xQc stated: “After a while, they came back to me and they were like dude, you know what? Our sh*t is so garbage, we’re gonna allow you to breach contract and use StreamElements just for the event.”

Pulling his punches as the video continued, Felix walked back his comments on the company. “All jokes aside, there are some good advantages to using it, they have good tech, there are advantages. Pick and choose.”

Comments in a Reddit thread discussing xQc’s opinion heavily agreed with the inadequacies of the program. One user stated: “The only big streamers with Streamlabs are the ones that are paid. Everyone else uses StreamElements.”

Since finishing up with his exclusive contract, xQc has been using OBS to stream his content, leaving Streamlabs, and their issues, far behind.

Having not missed a beat despite this partnership ending, xQc has continued to dominate Twitch at every turn, smashing viewership records and leaving little room for anyone else to catch up.

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