Adin Ross confirms another “superstar” has made the jump from Twitch to Kick

Virginia Glaze
Adin ross what kick needs

Prominent streamer Adin Ross claims that another “superstar” content creator has left Twitch for Kick amid the launch of the competitor platform’s mobile app.

Kick has risen as an alternative to major streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube, founded by popular streamer Trainwrecks.

A few broadcasters have made their way over to the green streaming platform, most notably Adin Ross, who received a permanent ban from Twitch and signed an allegedly massive deal to stream exclusively with Kick back in February.

Kick recently received a mobile app, which launched over the weekend of March 24. Quite a bit of buzz has arisen as a result of this latest achievement — and names like Adin Ross are making a big effort to conscript other creators to join in on the newly-appointed Twitch rival.

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Kick has risen as an alternative to other streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Adin has made no bones about wanting names like Kai Cenat to leave Twitch for Kick, most recently sending the Streamer of the Year winner a DM after he received a pair of sneakers instead of an exclusive streaming contract from the purple platform.

Adin Ross claims major streamer has left Twitch for Kick

Now, Ross is claiming that another huge name from Twitch has officially joined Kick. The streamer made this announcement in a Tweet on March 27, where he posted an advertisement for Kick’s mobile application.

“Well… it’s official. Another superstar just signed to @KickStreaming,” Ross wrote. “Rest in p*** Twitch. Make sure you guys download the app NOW.”

For now, it’s unclear who Adin was speaking about in his post — but Kick has become a popular alternative for some streamers. For example, Heelmike claims he made more money in four days of streaming on Kick than he did in 30 days on Twitch.

This sentiment was echoed by Twitch streamer Crunkmuffin, who claimed that the site allegedly took half of her earnings in a tearful conversation with her viewers.

However, Kick has also come under scrutiny for the kinds of content allowed on its platform. It’s unclear if it will emerge as a true competitor for Twitch and YouTube — but according to Adin Ross, another major influencer has shifted the playing field.