Where is Adin Ross? Kick streamer’s absence after surgery sparks concern from fans

Virginia Glaze

Prominent Kick streamer Adin Ross has been inactive on the platform for over a month, leaving viewers worried as he remains quiet on social media.

Adin Ross, along with fellow streamers Trainwreck and xQc, are essentially the faces of Kick, a live streaming platform that emerged in 2023 as a rival to Twitch and YouTube.

While Adin has built an audience of over 1.27 million followers on the site, he hasn’t streamed there since May 25, 2024 — something that his fans, and even fellow streamers, have picked up on.

Names like Kai Cenat and Fousey have reacted to his absence, with Fousey urging curious viewers to “give him the time that he needs” away from social media after “lifting this entire industry and bringing so many people on over the years.”

“Respect his space,” he said. “He needs time, whatever the reason is. Nobody knows what the reason is. Let the man breathe.”

Kai Cenat even addressed the situation with his viewers, claiming that he tries to keep up with Adin at least “three times a week” to make sure he’s alright.

“I ain’t gonna lie, as long as he comes back valid, he’s gonna be good, bro,” Kai said to his chat in late June. “You feel me? He’s got a lot going on.”

However, other updates from those in Adin’s circle provide a different look into the streamer’s absence. Fellow Kick entertainer Cheesur said he doesn’t think Adin is “ever coming back to this bullsh*t again, and I don’t blame him.”

Another friend of Adin’s, Shanggyhose, notably claimed that he doesn’t think the streamer will return to Kick, either, claiming he “quit” for good.

For now, there’s no official clarification on what Adin’s been up to — but he did make a tweet on his alternate account on June 8 saying that he was undergoing surgery.

Although he “promised to keep everyone updated,” he hasn’t posted on any of his other accounts since then, leaving fans concerned for his health and worried about the future of his streaming career.

This isn’t the first time Adin has walked away from streaming. In April 2024, he took a week-long break from broadcasting, even sparking rumors of retirement from a fan account. While his hiatus was short-lived, his latest sabbatical is certainly ruffling feathers within his community as they keep a weather eye out for any updates on his social profiles.

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