Kick controversy grows as TheDanDangler streams with adult toy

thedandangler shows adult toy on stream kick controversy 2Twitter: thedandangler

Twitch streamer ‘TheDanDangler’ has added to the current controversy surrounding Kick after she showed an adult toy during a recent stream on the alternative broadcasting site.

Kick is Twitch’s latest rival that’s pulling in more and more prominent broadcasters as time goes on — but its community, and the content that’s allowed on the site, are sparking a big debate online.

Over the last few weeks, a slew of incidents have brought Kick under fire, most notably when Twitch star HeelMike copped a ban on the platform for seeming to engage in inappropriate activity during a February 23 stream.

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Now, Twitch streamer TheDanDangler is also facing backlash after showing an adult toy in a recent broadcast.

thedandangler shows adult toy on stream kick controversy 1Twitter: thedandangler
TheDanDangler is a fairly prominent streamer who has started broadcasting on Kick following several bans from Twitch.

TheDanDangler sparks backlash after showing adult toy on Kick stream

A clip from the stream was published to Twitter by industry insider Jake Lucky, who censored the lower portion of TheDanDangler’s body as she showed off the adult toy. The post has cropped up quite the conversation online — but TheDanDangler was quick to reply to the outrage.

In a response Tweet, TheDanDangler claimed that she was not unclothed during the broadcast, as the censorship would imply, and clarified that she did not use the toy, as was possibly suggested.

“To set the record straight, I was not nude during this,” she explained. “I have a pink bra on with tape. I’m not sure why Jake blurred it out like this. Makes me feel a little weird.”

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“I showed this on an eighteen-plus site,” she continued. “And I didn’t use [the toy]. It was more of a joke. Kind of creepy.”

dan dangler twitter replyTwitter: thedandangler

TheDanDangler’s stream only adds to a slew of ongoing debate surrounding the new streaming platform, which was notably joined by Adin Ross after he complained of Twitch “silencing” him with its Terms of Service.

Notable streamer Corinna Kopf, a friend of Adin, joined the platform as well, which is also home to Trainwrecks, who has been a staunch advocate of the site as a competitor to Twitch.

For now, it remains to be seen if Kick will truly compete with Twitch in the long-term as other platforms like YouTube also scoop up streamers with exclusive contracts.

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