Adin Ross urges IShowSpeed to join Kick after YouTube strikes his stream again

ishowspeed on youtubeYouTube: iShowSpeed

Adin Ross has advised fellow streaming star IShowSpeed to join him on new platform Kick, after YouTube hit Speed with a strike over one of his recent livestreams.

Adin Ross, once one of Twitch’s biggest stars, has been banned from the platform and moved to Kick in February, making his frustrations known with the Amazon-owned platform.

Sources told Dexerto that Ross was banned due to unmoderated content appearing on his stream, but he feels unfairly persecuted, citing it as one reason for leaving to join Kick.

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And now, he’s recommended his friend Speed joins him on the move. Speed was hit with a strike from YouTube on a recent stream, for breaching rules regarding “spam, deceptive practices and scams.”

IShowSpeed hit with YouTube strike again

Not his first strike – he was hit for “harassment, threats or cyberbullying” in September 2022 – Speed has had a number of run-ins against YouTube’s policy in the past.

In September, he asked that it be removed as he didn’t “think a strike was needed.” On February 27, he simply posted “no way” along with a screenshot of his newest community guidelines strike.

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Ross replied, “Kick. Stop being dumb they treat you like a peasant when you’re their biggest streamer. You deserve equity and a multi-million dollar deal. Equity alone… you’ll be an owner of your own platform.”

Some have speculated that this means as part of his deal with Kick, Ross himself has been offered equity in the company.

Kick is an upstart streaming site, with connections to crypto gambling site Stake, and has been promoted heavily by Trainwreck.

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Train also responded to Speed, and while he didn’t directly tell him to join Kick, he did claim YouTube gives special treatment to “PG” creators, and wanted to “kill off” Speed’s career.

IShowSpeed turned 18 years old in January, meaning he can join Kick – the platform’s policy is 18+ unless permission is given by a parent or guardian. There are no measures in place to prevent a user under 18 from joining without permission though, it would simply break the terms of service.

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The platform has faced its own controversies though. From the connection to Stake initially being unannounced, to questions over the enforcement of the sexual content rules.