Adin Ross urges Kai Cenat to join Kick after Twitch’s “confusing” sneaker gift

Dylan Horetski
Adin Ross Kai Cenat

Adin Ross sent a text to Kai Cenat trying to convince him to switch from Twitch to Kick after the former sent him a pair of sneakers instead of a contract.

Since announcing his official move from Twitch to Kick on February 23, Adin Ross has attempted to get a variety of streamers to follow.

One of those is top YouTube streamer IShowSpeed, who Adin urged to join Kick after the Google-owned platform issued a strike on his channel.

The latest person that Adin Ross has attempted to convince is Kai Cenat, who revealed Adin sent him a text after Twitch sent him a pair of customized shoes as a gift.

Adin Ross tried to convince Kai Cenat to join Kick after Twitch sneaker gift

On March 26, Kai Cenat was left confused after receiving a custom pair of sneakers from Twitch as a congratulations gift for setting a new overall sub-goal record during his February subathon.

Shortly after, Adin texted the Twitch star by attempting to convince Kai to leave Twitch and join Kick.

“Adin has seen Twitch give me the sneakers, I think.. and he text me like “I hope you see what’s going on,” Kai said.

The clip was shared by the AdinUpdates Twitter account, which has been viewed over 38,000 times.

At the end of the clip, Kai says “the door is open,” which has left fans wondering what the Twitch star’s plan is.

Just a week before Adin announced his move to Kick, he made claims that Kai, IShowSpeed, and more were moving to the platform with him.

We’ll have to wait to see what Kai decides to do, but in the meantime, you can head over to our entertainment section for more news and other viral stories.