Adin Ross claims Kick need to offer more money to make permanent switch from Twitch

Adin Ross during a Twitch livestreamTwitch: adinross

Adin Ross has spoken out on the possibility of him joining the Kick streaming platform, founded by fellow streamer Trainwreck, permanently, after going live to stream the Super Bowl on February 13.

Adin Ross shocked many of his fans and the wider Twitch community when he revealed that he would be streaming on Kick after being “silenced” by Twitch following repeated ban threats.

Concerned with how strict Twitch are, Ross claimed that “There is no Terms of Service over there. You guys can say whatever you want in my chat.”

However, after being asked about Kick, Adin was brutally honest, explaining why it just isn’t possible.

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“I’m not 100% going to Kick, by the way,” he said. “They made tweets at me and sh*t, and actually W Kick because their tweets are kind of funny.

“But, I need more money. You guys are not offering me enough money to go full-time. It’s the truth. I need more f**king money, bro. I need more money.”

While Kick has promised a better experience for streamers, including superior payout options in comparison to Twitch, it’s not yet managed to pull any huge names over to the platform.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been interest, however, as many streamers are keen to see how things with Kick go, including Asmongold, who was “excited” by the prospect of Adin Ross joining the platform.

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This may change in the future, but for now, we shouldn’t expect Adin to make the switch full-time — unless a serious bag is offered.