Streamer breaks down in tears after Twitch takes half her money

streamer breaks down in tears over twitchTwitch/Crunkmuffin

A Twitch streamer is going viral after she broke down in tears explaining why it’s not fair for Amazon to take half of the money viewers give to her.

Twitch’s subscription revenue split has been a very controversial topic for a long time, with the site operating on a 50/50 split – but it’s beginning to be too much for some streamers.

Amid the controversy with Twitch’s split, other platforms have risen to compete such as Kick, which lets streamers keep 95% of what they earn, prompting a wave of former Twitch stars to jump ship.

In an emotional stream, broadcaster ‘Crunkmuffin’ teared up while putting Twitch on blast for its decisions and opened up to her viewers about how it’s unfair for half her money to be taken.

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Streamer tears up explaining how Twitch takes her money

In a post on social media, Crunkmuffin revealed how she couldn’t upgrade her content with editors because she doesn’t have enough money left over after Twitch takes half.

“Dude, how about Twitch doesn’t take half the money you guys give me?” she began her rant. “I’m sorry you have to hear this. I’m sorry I have to even have this conversation on my channel. …You pay me more than enough to be here.”

With tears forming in her eyes, Crunkmuffin made it clear to her fans that it wasn’t their fault she was in this position and that all the blame falls on the streaming platform.

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“I’m making 20k a year when the people are paying me $40k a year to be a streamer. Sh*t’s f**ked up,” she captioned the clip.

In the comments, the streamer went on to slam Twitch, accusing the site of holding her back when she could be using her finances to grow and improve her content.

“And this whole time I’m thinking it’s my fault for not being entertaining enough, when in reality, Twitch as a company doesn’t care. The people do.”

Since the tweet went viral, Crunkmuffin has begun to stream on Kick. Whether or not a mass exodus of streamers will make Twitch rethink its ways remains to be seen, but it’s clear that streamers have more options than ever to change platforms.

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