Heelmike reveals he’s made more money in four Kick streams than 30 days on Twitch

Heelmike makes more on kick than twitchTwitter/Heelmike

Twitch star Heelmike is rising on the newest streaming platform, Kick, even after being banned for streaming an innapropriate act.

Kick is slowly beginning to take the streaming world by storm, with numerous content creators jumping ship to Trainwreck’s site like Adin Ross.

While Heelmike isn’t exclusive to either platform, the steamer has really taken to Kick and received a short one-day ban on the site after he received oral sex during a live broadcast.

Now, with four streams under his belt, the entertainer has revealed that he’s making a killing on Kick due to its 95/5 split compared to Twitch, which takes half of what creators earn through subs.

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Heelmike flaunts Kick earnings compared to Twitch

On February 24, Heelmike revealed he had already hit 1,000 subscriptions on the platform, with subs costing viewers $4.99.

This means that after 5% of the money went to Kick, he had earned $4,740.50. It may not be the numbers of Kai Cenat’s record-breaking Twitch Subathon, but for four streams on a new platform, it’s not bad.

That’s not all, though. According to the streamer, he was able to make more money in those four three-hour streams than he made on Twitch in the past month.

“I made more $$$ on KickStreaming in 4 three hour streams than I did on Twitch in the past 30 Days,” he revealed with a face-palm emoji.

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Heelmike isn’t the only one enjoying Kick’s generous splits. Earlier this month, Crunkmuffin broke down in tears explaining to her viewers how Twitch prevents her from growing by taking so much of her money, so she started streaming on Kick and is already finding some success.

We’ll have to see what the future holds for both platforms and if Twitch ends up changing its stance on splits if enough of its creators end up abandoning it for Kick.