Diablo 4’s Butcher is mass murdering beta players in dungeons due to a rare random encounter

Liam Ho
the butcher diablo key art

Diablo 4 beta players are randomly running into an extremely difficult enemy, The Butcher, within their dungeons, causing them to be absolutely decimated.

The recent beta for Diablo 4 had plenty for players to do. From main story missions, side quests, dungeons, and public events, there was a lot to fit in just over the small time period of play. Players were able to start a character from scratch and progress through the earlier portion of the game, exploring and slaying monsters as they saw fit.

However, one monster that seemingly wouldn’t be slain was one found in many players’ dungeons. Veteran Diablo grinders may recognize that The Butcher can randomly appear in any dungeon and is easily able to slaughter the player if not careful.

Whilst exploring any dungeon, players may randomly hear the grumbling and chains of the Butcher, indicating that he has spawned into the dungeon somewhere. Once players encounter the beast itself, they’ll need to be well-prepared for the fight. If not, the Butcher may completely slaughter them, as it’s already done so to many many players before.

Even the likes of Twitch MMO superstar Asmongold proved no match for The Butcher, who was easily able to humiliate the streamer as he was attempting a dungeon.

The Butcher seems to have several attacks, obviously being a difficult enemy these hit pretty hard and can really chunk the player if they’re not careful. These include some incredibly strong close-range attacks and a dash/ stun that can render you defenseless against his heavy swings.

It’s also completely impossible to out-level the Butcher as well, as it seems to be synced with the player and dungeon level, making the fight as “fair” as it possibly can be each and every time. Players are also unsure of how to increase the spawn rate of The Butcher, as it seems that his appearance is completely and utterly random, making the enemy rather hard to encounter.

However strong the Butcher may seem, he’s not entirely invincible, and actually managing to take it down nets you a chance for some sweet legendary gear in the Beta. For now though, you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled at all times in case this beastly foe spawns in at random.