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Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram: How to get Classic Angel & Demon portraits

Published: 30/Dec/2021 16:10 Updated: 30/Dec/2021 16:16

by Lauren Bergin


Diablo 3’s Darkening of Tristram anniversary event introduces some new Diablo I-inspired portraits to the game, so here’s how to get the Classic Angel & Demon cosmetics.

Diablo 3’s annual anniversary event, the Darkening of Tristram, is back for blood in early January, 2022. With the return of some familiar (and particularly unattractive) faces, fans will be able to start off the New Year in the goriest manner possible.

Alongside the Cathedral anniversary dungeon and its insidious inhabitants come a slew of limited time goodies, including the highly coveted Classic Angel and Demon portraits for your character profile.

Inspired by the Life and Mana bars in Diablo I, here’s everything you need to know to unlock these anniversary rewards.



diablo i player fighting monsters
Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo I was a simpler time, but the health and mana gauges still looked pretty cool.

How to unlock the Classic Angel portrait

As with any Diablo cosmetic, unlocking the Classic Angel portrait is no walk in the park – especially considering the park is on fire and ridden with demons.

You’ll have to accrue seven Cultist chapters, which drop from Temporal Priests. These mischievous minions will appear at Waypoint areas in Adventure Mode, with one spawning at a time.

Adorned in gray, here are all of their locations, but be aware they can drop duplicate pages: so hack and slash as many of them as you can!

Act Waypoint
I Weeping Hollow, Festering Woods, Caverns of Araneae, Cathedral (Levels 1 – 4,) Halls of Agony (Levels 1 – 3,) Fields of Misery
II Dahlgur Oasis, Desolate Sands
III Keep Depths (Levels 1 – 3,) Stonefort, Rakkis Crossing, Arreat Crater (Levels 1 & 2,) Tower of the Damned (Level 1,) The Core of Arreat, Ruins of Sescheron
IV Gardens of Hope (Levels 1 – 3,) Silver Spire ( Levels 1 & 2)
V Westmarch Commons, Westmarch Heights, Paths of the Drowned, Greyhollow Island, Battlefields of Eternity

How to unlock the Classic Demon portrait

While the Angel portrait has you zipping around Sanctuary in an attempt to locate lost lore, the Demon portrait is a lot more straightforward: kill things.


However, you’ll need to know which specific things to add to your hitlist before you start slashing. You’ll need to slay 40 Unique Monsters (including the four mandatory bosses) in order to unlock the cosmetic.

Here’s a rundown of all of the Unique Monsters, as well as what level they are on in the Anniversary Dungeon. Be aware, however, that they spawn at random, so you’ll likely need to clear the whole thing six or seven times to get all forty.

Level Unique Monsters
1 None
2 Shadowbite, The Butcher, Rotfeast the Hungry
3 Madeye the Dead, Brokenhead Bangshield
4 Gharbad the Weak, Snotspill, Blacklash the Burning
5 Bloodskin Darkbow, Foulwing, Shadowcrow
6 Deathshade Fleshmaul, Bilefroth the Pit Master, Bloodgutter
7 Blighthorn Steelmace, Gorestone, Nightwing the Cold
8 Firewound the Grim, Zhar the Mad, Baron Sludge
9 Breakspine, Brokenstorm, Oozedrool
10 The Flayer, Goldblight of the Flame, Blackstorm
11 Bluehorn, Fangspeir
12 Viperflame, Viletouch, Lionskull the Bent
13 Warlord of Blood, Rustweaver, Witchmoon
14 Steelskull the Hunter, Graywar the Slayer, Stareye the Witch
15 The Vizier
Unholy Altar Arch-Bishop Lazarus, Red Vex, Blackjade
16 Sir Gorash, The Dark Lord

Bolded monsters will always appear.

How to equip portraits in Diablo 3

So you’ve got your new cosmetics, great, but how do you go about equipping them and showing off your recently unearthed treasures?


All you have to do is:

  • Jump into a Diablo 3 game
  • In the bottom right-hand corner, you’ll see a mirror icon (‘Collection’). Click it.
  • Select ‘Portrait Frames
  • Scroll until you find either the Classic Angel or Classic Demon portrait, then equip it.

So that’s how to snag Diablo 3’s Classic Angel and Demon portraits for yourself this anniversary season! Looking to get ahead in Season 25? Be sure to check out our dedicated guides:

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