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Best Diablo 3 Barbarian Builds: Season 24

Published: 23/Oct/2021 22:04 Updated: 25/Oct/2021 12:59

by Bill Cooney


Looking for the best Diablo 3 Barbarian builds coming into this season? Here’s everything you need to show the hordes of the Burning Hells its actually you they should be afraid of.

One of the classic Diablo classes is the humble Barbarian, who loves nothing more than getting up close and personal.

Offering a classic tank/melee playstyle that actually has a variety of Crowd Control attacks and plenty of ripping and tearing, the good old Barbarian is perfect for a wide variety of players.

So, here’s why you should pick a Barbarian going into this season, as well as a rundown of some of their best builds.



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Male or Female, the Barbarian will suit your melee needs.

Is the Barbarian for me?

If you’re tired of fancy spells and magic and just want to straight mess some demons up, look no further. The Barbarian relies almost entirely on melee attacks and skills, which the most powerful builds are based around. Want to take on hordes of enemies all by yourself? Well, you’ve picked the right class for the job.

If you want a more complex playstyle, the Monk is always a good choice, and the Demon Hunter is also just fine for tearing up demonic hordes as well. But when it comes to pure brute power and strength, you really can’t beat the Barbarian. Sorry, Crusader fans, but it’s the truth.


Is the Barbarian good in Diablo 3 Season 24?

A quick glance at’s key farming tier list will tell you that the Barbarian is solidly a top-tier class. The class boasts One S-Tier and one A-Tier build, not as good as the Monk, but far superior to some other classes.

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The Barbarian is the literal embodiment of “Rip and Tear until it is done.”

Best Diablo 3 Barbarian Build: Season 24

If you’ve played Diablo 3 before this you probably know what the best Season 24 Build for the Barbarian will be, as it hasn’t changed in a few seasons. That’s right, yet again the best build for this chad of classes is the Waste Whirlwind Rend Barbarian. This is by far the most reliable across all of the different ways of playing Diablo 3.


As the name implies you’ll need to grab the Wrath of the Wastes armor set to utilize this build to its full, demon-mowing potential.

Active Skills

Below are all of the skills included in the build, but be sure to focus on getting a 45-50% cooldown reduction to get the most out of this setup:

Skill Rune
Rend Bloodbath
Sprint Marathon
Ignore Pain Bravado
Wrath of the Berserker Insanity
Furious Charge Merciless Assault
Whirlwind Wind Shear

Passive Skills

We already touched on some passive skills you’ll want to have, but here’s the full list:

  • Rampage
  • Boon of Bul-Kathos
  • Brawler
  • Ruthless
  • Berserker Rage
  • Nerves of Steel

Item build

Your skills are nothing without a good set of armor and weapons, and while the Barbarian could still bring the pain with just their fists, here’s how to maximize this build for the season:


Item Type Name
Helm Helm of the Wastes
Shoulders Pauldrons of the Wastes
Chest Cuirass of the Wastes
Gloves Gauntlet of the Wastes
Bracers Mortick’s Brace
Belt Lamentation
Pants Tasset of the Wastes
Boots Sabaton of the Wastes
Ring 1 Focus
Ring 2 Restraint
Amulet Squirt’s Necklace
Main-hand weapon Ambo’s Pride*
Off-hand weapon Gimmershred

*You literally need Ambo’s Pride for this build to work at full effectiveness since it applies Rend while you use Whirlwind, so don’t spare any expense to get it if you want the best build.


While many players might dismiss the Follower, they can make or break your gameplay. Changes in Season 23 allowed you to customize their armor alongside their weapons, so now they really do have an impact.

There’s really only one choice that makes sense to pair with this powerful build, and that is the ever-supportive Enchantress, as she is the only follower that gives Cooldown Reduction, allowing you to spam your abilities even more.


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If you want another way to rip and tear through legions of hell spawn, there is another option.

Alternative Diablo 3 Barbarian build

If you want something a bit different than the classic Whirlwind Barb build, don’t worry! There is another path we can recommend following, which comes in at a very respectable A-rank.

Savage Frenzy Barbarian

This build focuses on the Frenzy ability, which is the definition of hack’n’slash with simple, straightforward melee mechanics enhanced by massive Attack Speed bonuses.

Skill Rune
Threatening Shout Falter
Battle Rage Bloodshed
War Cry Veteran’s Warning
Wrath of the Berserker Insanity
Frenzy Berserk
Furious Charge Cold Rush

The full rundown of the Savage Frenzy Barbarian guide can be found at