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Destiny 2 has a lot of things to keep a track of. If you’re wanting to see a full recap of your personal stats, then this Destiny 2 stat tracker guide will show you how to do so.

Bungie’s FPS juggernaut keeps rolling on and Destiny 2 is already in its seventeenth season — Season of the Haunted. Several years after the game’s release, it’s still incredibly popular with new players joining in the action all the time.

Whether you’re a newbie who’s only racked up a few hours of gameplay or a veteran with years upon years of experience, Destiny 2 has many stats to analyze. While the in-game Triumphs do provide some analysis of your Guardian’s journey, you can find plenty more with a Destiny 2 stat tracker.

Destiny 2 gameplay
Destiny 2’s stats can be overwhelming, but Destiny Tracker is a great way to parse them.

Destiny 2 stat tracker

Your absolute best source for finding out your Destiny 2 stats will be as it covers everything from your usage of the game’s weapons to your performance in Trials of Osiris.

The website tracks players across all major platforms and has recognized data for 24.2 million players! Not only that, but it has official leaderboards showing the world’s top players in key categories and even provides a complete database showing all items in the game.

Here’s how to properly use the Destiny 2 stat tracker:

  1. Head to
  2. Either enter your Bungie name or choose to sign in with a particular platform
  3. Select your profile and start browsing your stats
  4. If it’s not quite up-to-date, the website refreshes itself every once in a while

The level of depth that the Destiny 2 tracker offers is quite amazing and with Destiny 2 sticking around for some time, it’s a useful tool to use.

With The Witch Queen expansion out now and Lightfall and The Final Shape still to come, it’s worth checking your stats to see how you can get even more powerful.

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