How many people play Destiny 2? Player count tracker (June 2024)

Kurt Perry
Season of the Wish Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has witnessed its share of ups and downs in terms of player engagement. But how popular is it today? We’ve got the updated data on Destiny 2’s player count as of June 2024.

The first installment, Destiny, launched in 2014 for PlayStation and Xbox, paving the way for the much-anticipated sequel, Destiny 2, which was released in 2017.

Since launch Bungie has supported Destiny 2 with 23 seasons of content and Season of the Wish is already been ongoing for a while. But have these big changes been enough to keep Destiny popular? Here’s everything you need to know about how many people are still playing Destiny 2 in 2024.

Updated June 11, 2024, with player count information.

Destiny 2 Guardian taking on Season of the Wish seasonal activity.
Destiny 2 Season of the Wish will end on June 4, 2024.

Do we know Destiny 2’s active player count?

According to SteamCharts, Destiny 2 saw an average daily player count of 99,205 over the last 30 days which marks a 37% increase from the 72,526 recorded last month.

Destiny 2’s peak player count for May 2024 was 116,100, a humongous leap compared to March when the numbers were around 40,000-70,000.

Bungie’s looter shooter saw its all-time peak in February 2023 where it managed to attract an impressive 316,651 concurrent players. However, that could change as the peak player count of June has reached 314,379 which has the potential to break the record.

Keep in mind that these numbers only reflect the player count of Destiny 2’s PC version. With the looter shooter first debuting as a console exclusive back in 2014, it has a substantial console player base that is not represented by SteamCharts.

That’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2’s player count and how many people are playing in 2024.  Check out how Destiny 2 player count compares to the player count of Valorant. You can even take a look at how many people play Apex Legends.

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