Destiny 2’s Still Hunt will be even more OP with Echoes: Act 2

Shane Black
Destiny 2 The Final Shape Still Hunt

The Still Hunt quickly rose to the top of the Destiny 2 meta when it was released with The Final Shape, and it will get even more powerful with the release of Echoes: Act 2 on July 16.

As part of the live stream to showcase some of the changes and content coming with the new episode, Bungie announced that new Artifact Mods would be coming to the game. This includes three mods that offer incredible buffs to Sniper Rifles.

Combined with the incredible base stats of Still Hunt, it doesn’t look like this gun is going to be falling out of favor with Destiny 2 players anytime soon.

In its basic form, Still Hunt is a Sniper Rifle that can dish out Solar damage and has a fantastic capability: it can shoot Golden Gun bullets. It’s the only weapon that can deal Super damage, making it one of the most powerful guns in the game.

That will increase when using these three Artifact Mods in Echoes: Act 2, which are as follows:

  • Incendiary Rifle Rounds: Solar Sniper Rifle precision hits scorch targets.
  • Solar Fulmination: Your ignitions do increased damage in an increased radius.
  • Sniper’s Meditation: Sniper Rifle hits grants stacking Sniper Rifle damage, stability, and reload bonuses for a short time. Heavy ammo Sniper Rifle hits count as more than one.

Using any or all of these Artifact Mods will make the Still Hunt an even stronger weapon that can deal incredible damage at a steady pace.

The Destiny 2 community predicts the gun will stay on its throne. One user on the game’s subreddit predicted, “Still Hunt is about to delete The Witness from the coding of the game.”

However, not everyone was excited about this upcoming buff. Another fan lamented: “Can’t believe Still Hunt is getting… BUFFED, and not nerfed into the ground.”

Some believe this gun will become the de facto meta option for taking out bosses alongside returning weapon Whisper of the Worm. Between the buff to precision shots and bosses having larger weak spots than other enemies, either Sniper Rifle could dish excellent damage.

Bungie could change their mind about this and change their course. However, for now, it looks like Destiny 2 Echoes: Act 2 will bring the Still Hunt into truly dominant territory.