Cyberpunk 2077 build classes explained: Netrunner, Solo, and Techie

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cyberpunk 2077 classes explained

Choosing the right Cyberpunk 2077 class playstyle can fashion your character into a machine, so you must get a quick understanding of how Netrunner, Solo & Techie work, along with the subtle differences between them all in the game

CD Projekt Red’s first major release since The Witcher 3 was one of the most anticipated games to come out in a couple of years, and even though Cyberpunk 2077 faltered at first, it hit the ground running in 2022.

There’s a ton of content within the game, and even at the onset you’ll be prompted with a pretty tricky decision – and this comes in the form of what class you should play.

We’re going to run over all the differences between the three classes in Cyberpunk 2077!

The Solo class in Cyberpunk specializes in combat and weapons.
The Solo class in Cyberpunk specializes in combat and weapons.

Best builds in Cyberpunk 2077: Solo, Netrunner & Techie

When you step into the world of Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll have multiple options to choose between when it comes to classes: Solo, Netrunner, and Techie.

Since the game was released, players can choose from three classes when making a character in Cyberpunk. All of these differ, and the choice you make will structure your character’s ability chart slightly.

They center around the playstyle you want to take within the game. Below is a rundown of all three classes within the game and how they differ from one another.


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Cyberpunk takes you on an adventure within Night City, which is one of the best environments within gaming.

The Solo class is the only one out of the three that won’t cater towards hacking as much. Instead, you’ll be able to take down enemies with ease, as the fighting attributes within this class are far superior than others.

They’re weapon specialists, and experts utilizing all types of combat to get the job done, which is a factor many of you may be leaning towards.


Essentially the direct opposite of Solos, Netrunners are some of the best hackers within Night City. They’ll be able to dive into nearly any system within the game, and will be ideal if you’re looking for a slower approach compared to a Solo playstyle.


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Cyberpunk driving has been one of the controversial points within the game, but some amazing cars can be driven.

Last but not least, Techies are more known for crafting and creating their own solutions to problems within Cyberpunk. They’re going to be useful if you have an interest in using the world of Night City to your advantage.

You’ll be able to manifest some deadly creations to take down your enemies, and it’ll be helpful for when you need to lure some opponents into a trap!

What class should I choose in Cyberpunk 2077?

While all of these options are intriguing to the right player, is really up to you which class you choose. They aren’t going to change the game drastically, but the class you choose is going to alternate your skill tree during the game.

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