How to get the fastest car free in Cyberpunk 2077: Rayfield Caliburn

Caliburn in Cyberpunk 2077CD Projekt Red

Although you can buy various vehicles in Cyberpunk, it’s actually very easy to get the fastest and most expensive car in Cyberpunk 2077, the Rayfield Caliburn, completely free, without spending a single eurodollar. Here’s what you need to do, and where to find it.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a range of vehicles – check out our full vehicle guide here. From the cheap and cheerful, to the monstrous off-roaders, to the very pricey supercars, there’s something for everyone.

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In the latter category, there is no vehicle more desirable than the Rayfield Caliburn. Based heavily on the real-life Bugatti Chiron, it’s a blisteringly quick hypercar, and comes with one of the most beautiful interiors of any car in the game too. And yet somehow, it’s one of the easiest to get.

Free Caliburn in a cave in Cyberpunk 2077CD Projekt Red
You’ll find the luxury vehicle hidden in a shipping container in the Badlands.

The conventional way to get your hands on it, you’d need to spend €$157,000 on this vehicle, purchasable from Dino Dinovic, the City Center fixer. But, you’ll also need to have a pretty high street cred level to get it – 40 to be exact.

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If you don’t have this kind of cash, or a high enough street cred level though, then don’t worry. Inexplicably, CD Projekt Red gives you the option to just pick it up for free instead.

If you’re just getting into Cyberpunk 2077 on the new next-gen update, and starting a new save, you may want to head straight to this spot on the map when you can to get your free supercar.

Where to find free Caliburn car in Cyberpunk 2077

The free Caliburn is located in the Badlands. It’s hidden away in the same cave as the mission you do with Panam to get Nash, Ghost Town.

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Free Caliburn in a cave in Cyberpunk 2077CD Projekt Red
You’ll find the luxury vehicle hidden in a shipping container in the Badlands.

Just past where you fight Nash’s crew in that mission, you can continue through the cave until you find a blue container. Inside there are a number of lootable boxes, and the Rayfield Caliburn ready to be driven out.

  1.  Complete the ‘Ghost Town’ quest with Panam
  2. Head to the Badlands
  3. Enter the cave south of the Aldecaldo’s camp
  4. Drive through the cave until you reach the blue container
  5. Enter the Caliburn and exit the cave

Free Caliburn location in Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk map for Caliburn locationCD Projekt Red
Where to enter the cave and find the free Caliburn in Cyberpunk.

The only requirement you’ll need to complete to unlock the vehicle is completing the Ghost Town quest, and agreeing to help Panam get Nash. After completing it in the second act, you may have to wait a few days before returning to the cave to pick up the vehicle.

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If you haven’t completed the quest, this cave won’t be accessible, and so there won’t be a way to get access to the vehicle in the container. As you can see from the stats below, it’s well worth picking up.

Rayfield Caliburn stats in Cyberpunk

  • Top Speed: 211MPH
  • Horsepower: 1660
  • Drive Train: AWD
  • Weight: 3682
  • Price: 157,000 (when bought from Dino)

Once you’ve acquired it though, you will have permanent access to the fastest vehicle in the game. You’ll always be able to call upon it from your phone, and have it delivered straight to your location at any time.

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To summon the vehicle, you’ll first need to hold down on the call vehicle option, and then select it from the list.

Once you’ve done this once, the Caliburn will automatically be selected as your default car. One thing to watch out for though is the handling – it’s a very responsive vehicle, and you’ll find yourself crashing a lot at first until you can get it under control.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been enjoying a resurgence in players lately, partly brought on by the successful ‘Edgerunners’ anime release. It even overtook Modern Warfare 2 on the Steam charts. So, if you’re just getting back into it, this might be the perfect vehicle to kick off your new save.

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