Cyberpunk 2077 ultimate car guide: Car classes, horsepower, specs

Cyberpunk 2077 Car guideYouTube: Cyberpunk 2077

In the Cyberpunk 2077 world players don’t need to walk anywhere. Cars play a massive part in the game and give you the possibility to explore Night City much faster and in style thanks to the various vehicles offered. We’ve assembled the ultimate guide to the cars available, including their classes and how to use them.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world game from the creators of the acclaimed Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Set in the fictional ‘Night City’, players must navigate their lives in this futuristic cityscape, creating their own destiny within the game.

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Cars play a massive part of the Cyberpunk 2077 story. They function both as a method of transportation, and a way of earning valuable in-game money and benefits. The developers have done a fantastic job of ‘weaving’ them into the fabric of the game.

With so many different vehicles on offer, we’ve had a taste of some of the cars and classes to expect within the game. While this will not be an exhaustive list, it provides an early insight into the vehicles available.

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CD Projekt Red
There’s going to be lots of different cars available in Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077 Car Classes

In the behind-the-scenes Night City Wire YouTube series, players got their first look at some of the car classes in Cyberpunk 2077. Everything from the exteriors to the interiors is created in incredible detail. This leads to the game having some of the best open-world vehicle graphics ever seen.

Cyberpunk 2077 Car InteriorYouTube: Cyberpunk 2077
The interiors of each vehicle in Cyberpunk 2077 are modelled in meticulous detail.

The appearance and performance of the vehicles in Cyberpunk will also vary between locations. For example, a car from the city will likely feature a full dashboard, whereas one from the Badlands may have no dashboard at all.

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According to the developers, each vehicle will offer a “unique driving experience”, and so vehicle choice may make-or-break a mission. Several different classes (levels) of cars have been revealed, which we’ve highlighted below.

Cyberpunk 2077 Economy cars

Cyberpunk 2077 Economy Car ClassYouTube: Cyberpunk 2077
The Economy car class is formed of utility vehicles, hatchbacks and city cars.

For those looking to get around in no-frills style, there’s the ‘Economy class.’

Featuring small city cars such as hatchbacks and basic runabouts, the Economy class will likely form the ‘starter’ class of vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077. “Don’t expect advanced tech or luxurious materials here” is the word from the devs, but they should get you from A-to-B easily enough.

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  • Makigai Maimai
    A small basic hatchback, the Makigai looks to be a familiar sight on the streets of Night City. While very low powered with only 71hp, its diminutive size will be a tactical advantage when navigating the tiny alleyways and side streets of the city.
  • Thorton
    A low-end sedan perfect for getting around without drawing too much attention, the Thorton is a dependable ride for those looking to get around on the cheap. While it is significantly more powerful than the Makigai, it is also heavier and far larger.
  • Archer
    The Archer is the ‘premium’ choice from the Economy class from what we’ve seen so far. With 212hp and a curb weight similar to the Thorton, it should prove to be a good base for future upgrades.
  • Mahir Supron
    This vehicle is available for purchase when roaming the district of Santo Domingo. It was constructed from cheap plastic, textiles and wishful thinking, and even though it breaks down often, it’s easy to fix.

Cyberpunk 2077 Executive cars

Villefort AlvaradoYouTube: Cyberpunk 2077
This custom Villefort Alvarado will stand out anywhere it goes.

Moving up in the world from the ‘Economy’ class, Executive cars are the best way to impress others in Night City without breaking the bank. If you’re a high-rolling assassin that still wants to blend in, the Executive class is the one for you.

  • Villefort Alvarado
    Looking like a Rolls-Royce from the future, the Villefort Alvarado is a sure-fire way to impress anyone on the streets of Night City. Featuring 407hp and a weight of over 200kg, this bruiser will feel at home cruising the streets or being used as a mobile battering ram.
  • Villefort Cortes
    While not as powerful as its stablemate the Alvarado, the Cortes is still a mean bruiser. Despite its lower power at 333hp, it is also lighter than the Alvarado, so may prove to be a more nimble vehicle – perfect for escaping danger.
  • Villefort Columbus
    The cheapest and most recent model from the Villefort line. It’s simple, functional and modest, so even though you can’t speed your way through Night City with it, it can get the job done.
Chevillon ThraxYouTube: Cyberpunk 2077
The Chevillon Thrax is an imposing executive sedan.
  • Chevillon Thrax
    Think New York mobster meets dystopian future, and you’ve got the 388hp Chevillon Thrax. Perfect for making a statement, the Thrax combines power, weight, and handsome looks for the discerning driver.
  • Chevillon Emperor
    A pretty badass option. The Chevillon Emperor is an Executive SUV available for purchase when roaming City Center and after reaching Street Cred level 12.

Cyberpunk 2077 Heavy-Duty cars

Militech BehemothYouTube: Cyberpunk 2077
The Militech Behemoth will crush anything in its path.

From utility vehicles to mobile missile launchers, the Heavy-Duty class doesn’t let anything get in its way. Perfect for high levels of protection and use as impromptu battering rams, the vehicles in the heavy-duty category are perfect for when you really, really don’t want to slow down for anything.

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  • Kaukaz Bratsk
    Featuring a number of different uses from trailer units to big dump trucks, the Kaukaz Bratsk is a 549hp jack-of-all-trades. While it may have plenty of power, its high curb weight will slow it down, so don’t expect it to out-run any threats.
  • Kaukaz Zeya
    In complete contrast to the Bratsk, the Zeya is ideal for inner-city duties where you need a little more weight behind you. A short-wheelbase utility vehicle, the Kaukaz Zeya mixes strength and agility into one utilitarian package.
  • Militech Behemoth
    A true brute, the massive (and very heavy) Militech Behemoth is ideal for traversing the most dangerous regions of Cyberpunk 2077. With a whopping 9000kg+ of weight behind it, the Behemoth might not be the best getaway vehicle, but it can easily smash any pursuit vehicles out of the way.

Cyberpunk 2077 Sports cars

Cyberpunk 2077 Quadra Turbo RYouTube: Cyberpunk 2077
The Quadra Turbo R is one of many sports-class cars available in the game.

Perfect for high-speed pursuits, sports cars blend performance with agility and style – ideal for quick getaways without breaking the bank. There are also a ton of upgrades and style changes available, to make your character’s car unique in Night City.

  • Quadra Type-66
    With 666hp, the Type-66 is superb for those who love to fettle with and tune their cars. Expect plenty of agility and responsive handling, the Type-66 may also make a good base for a competitive vehicle.
  • Mizutani Shion
    Looking distinctly more aggressive and desert-spec than the Type-66, the Shion is sure to intimidate any opponents you encounter around Night City. With plenty of customization options available, the Shion is a flexible and powerful sports class vehicle.
  • Quadra Turbo-R
    One of the more unique vehicles in the Sports class, the wedge-shaped Turbo R looks like it’s going fast even when standing still. With 632hp, it’s no slowpoke but sits below the Type-66 in terms of outright power.
  • Porsche 911 II
    An all-time classic that belongs to no other than Johnny Silverhand. Adapted to the game’s reality, the Porsche 911 II is also customized to represent Johnny’s band.

Cyberpunk 2077 Hypercars

Cyberpunk 2077 Hypercar ClassYouTube: Cyberpunk 2077
Hypercars are the ultimate vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077.

Blending speed and armor into one stunning package, the hypercars class is the best-of-the-best Night City has to offer. Don’t expect such technology to come cheap, mind; These will be some of the most costly cars in the game.

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  • Herrara Outlaw GTS
    Packing 755hp with a curb weight of less than 2000kg, the Outlaw will outrun almost anything you come up against in Cyberpunk 2077. Stylish and speedy, what more could you want?
  • Rayfield Caliburn
    Resembling a Bugatti Veyron from the future, the Rayfield Caliburn is one of the fastest vehicles in the game. With 1660hp and a curb weight of only 1760, the Caliburn burns rubber with ease.
  • Rayfield Aerondight S9
    Given that the introductory voiceover says “less than 1000 people in the world can afford the Aerondight” expect this to be one of the most expensive vehicles in the game. Despite its high price tag, it’s performance credentials aren’t as impressive as the Caliburn, but it does make for a good ‘flex’ of your wealth.

Once the Phantom Liberty DLC launches, you can expect many, many more to feature in the game. We’ll be sure to update this piece as we get more news on the cars and vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077.

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