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Viral TikTok cosplay shows how important The Batman’s eyeliner is

Published: 16/Mar/2022 22:55

by Virginia Glaze


A clever TikToker is going viral for their cosplay of Robert Pattison’s Batman, showing just how important the Caped Crusader’s eyeliner is to his overall look.

Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ debuted last month to overall acclaim, detailing the gritty story of Bruce Wayne’s cat-and-mouse chase with The Riddler.

Notably, Robert Pattinson’s take on the role was a major point of conversation among fans, with many loving his performance, although others felt he left something to be desired.

That being said, one of the major additions to Batman’s look is the use of eyeliner — or rather, actually showing Bruce Wayne wearing eyeliner outside of the Batsuit.


At one point, we get to see master Wayne sporting messy black liner all over his eyelids as he pores over footage taken from his high-tech contacts.

In fact, director Matt Reeves claimed the eyeliner was a “must” for The Batman, saying he wanted the character to have an “emo” look for his film.

the batman eyeliner
Warner Bros
Robert Pattinson’s Batman notably shows Bruce Wayne wearing eyeliner outside the Batsuit.

Well, one TikToker took this idea and ran with it in a video that’s going viral — and it’s nothing short of hilarious.

TikToker ‘ara_george’ uploaded a cute skit set to Hamilton’s ‘Running out of Time,’ where a snacking, sunglasses-wearing Bruce Wayne is suddenly alerted to the appearance of the Bat-Signal by Alfred.


Hurriedly, Ara’s ‘The Batman’ slaps on some black eyeshadow as Alfred rushes him out the door, all while miming the song’s lyrics, “I know, I know!”

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@ara_george He has to do his eyeliner, Alfred. (This is very much inspired by @Matylda Hej’s hilarious Batman video) #thebatman #thebatman2022 #batmancosplay #brucewayne #brucewaynecosplay #fyp #robertpattinson ♬ Running Out Of Time – Lin-Manuel Miranda & Ynairaly Simo & Chris Jackson & Veronica Jackson & Gloria Calderón Kellett & Bri Holland & Alana Da Fonseca & Jada Banks-Mace & Gloria Estefan & Zoe Saldana & Leslie David Baker

The clip has managed to rack up over 3 million views and nearly 1 million likes just three days after being uploaded, lightheartedly poking fun at Pattinson’s Batman while also shining a light on how important the hero’s eyeliner is to his overall ensemble.

Reeves notably said that “all of the Batmen wear [eyeliner]” – this is just the first time fans have seen it in the films.


Pattinson’s Batman was certainly a new take on the role — one that we’ll get to see him in twice over, as Reeves is set to direct a trilogy on the caped crusader’s Gotham escapades.