Cosplayer shows off stunning and toothy Venomized Black Cat costume

Christopher Baggett
Black Cat with the Venom symbiote

A cosplay shared by graciethecosplaylass is merging Black Cat and Venom together in one terrifying costume with bite.

Pretty much everyone gets a symbiote in Marvel Comics these days. The days of there only being a handful of symbiotes are long behind us, as a bevy of symbiotes and hosts populate the universe.

This also means there are more opportunities than ever for fans to cherry-pick their favorite symbiote character. Be it reading comics, picking up games, or creating fan art, there are so many options to choose from now.

For cosplayers, the possibilities are all but endless. One cosplayer has now shown off an exciting – and terrifying – take on one of Spider-Man’s closest allies and greatest villains united.

Venomized Black Cat cosplay is stunning – and toothy

In a post shared on her Instagram, cosplayer Gracie McClung is showing off her venomized Black Cat. It’s a stunning cosplay that has some teeth to it.

No, there are literally teeth. Dozens of handmade teeth adorn the arms and chest of the costume, making up elements that are typically fur on the Black Cat costume. In a reel shared to her page, Gracie showed off the painstaking process of making each tooth, consisting of triangles being cut, warped and formed under heat.

The rest of the cosplay is incredibly detailed, a black body suit with the classic black suit logo and the trademark white veins that modern Venom incarnations don. A simple domino mask with a similar Venom flourish caps off the outfit.

There is a comic basis for the suit, though it’s not canon to the story. The design is based on an Ariel Diaz variant cover for 2022’s The Amazing Spider-Man #29. Black Cat does wind up wearing the Venom symbiote on Earth-258, as seen in Extreme Venomverse #2, where she bonds with the symbiote after Spider-Man separates from it in the original story.

Black Cat also gets a symbiote in the 2008 video game Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, where she’s a potential endgame partner for Spider-Man, should players choose to go the evil route.

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