Apex Legends superfan unveils amazing Loba cosplay made from scratch

Loba from Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends superfan has unveiled their epic Loba cosplay to praise from the community, explaining that it was made entirely from scratch. 

The Apex Legends community, since the BR’s launch back in 2019, has consistently proved itself to be among the most active and passionate in the gaming world.

From skin concepts to designing new Legends from the ground up, players of Respawn’s title are always keen to show off their fandom.

Now, one Apex Legends player has shared their Loba cosplay, perfectly replicating the Season 5 Legend in look and feel. 

Epic Loba cosplay “made from scratch” by Apex Legends fan

It comes from user ‘biologer’, who shared it to the Apex Legends subreddit on January 26. 

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The cosplay accurately captures the aesthetics of the Translocational Thief, including the knee-high boots, white and silver overalls and even the hairstyle. 

They said: “My Loba cosplay that I handmade from scratch!” 

Asked by fans for more details, the creator duly obliged. They explained how the boots were made, saying: “I used a plastic spatula to apply black 100% silicone caulk and a sponge to add purple-blue dragonfly glaze on top!” 

They also explained they’ve been making cosplays for five years, specifically designing them from scratch for the last three years. 

On Loba’s bracelet, it was revealed to come from another fan’s Etsy collection, using segments and elastic to be easily detachable and throwable, like Loba’s bracelet in-game. 

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It’s certainly among the best Apex Legends cosplays we’ve seen, with other players flocking to upvote and share their appreciation of the outfit.