Destiny 2 Savathûn cosplay summons the Witch Queen in all her glory

willow creative savathun cosplay destiny 2Willow Creative, Bungie

Well-known cosplayer Willow Creative designed Destiny 2 cosplay modeled after Savathûn, the Witch Queen, and it’s nothing short of a spectacle. 

Savathûn long lingered in the shadows of the Destiny universe, having first garnered mention in the original game’s The Taken King expansion.

Though details about the enigmatic character bubbled to the surface in subsequent years, Savathûn did not fully enter the limelight until Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen DLC launched this past February.

In honor of Bungie Day, numerous Destiny fans from across the globe took on the task of bringing the Witch Queen to life via stunning cosplay projects.

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Destiny 2 Savathûn cosplay looks eerily realistic

savanthûn destiny 2 cosplay by Willow CreativeWillow Creative
Willow Creative’s Savanthûn cosplay.

Bungie and its worldwide community celebrated Bungie Day yesterday, July 7. A number of the community’s creatively-driven members joined the fun by building cosplay costumes modeled after the Witch Queen, Savathûn.

Popular cosplayer Willow Creative counted as one such participant, using a combination of foam, 3D-printed parts, and mechanics to design the terrifying attire. The result, evidenced in the video clip and photos below, is astounding.

The build features Savathûn’s full armor set, wings, and even a moving mouthpiece. Even when portrayed by a human, the Hive Queen manages to look imposing.

Notably, Bungie collaborated with eight other cosplayers from around the world to bring their interpretations of the Witch Queen to life. Such collaborators included the likes of Lily Bean Cosplay, LittleBlondeGoth, Kamichan83, Cinderys.

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The Witch Queen expansion serves as but one of many DLC packs for Destiny 2. And Bungie’s development crew remains hard at work on the next major content release, Lightfall.

While the studio previously announced the new expansion for a 2022 launch window, The Witch Queen’s delay into early 2022 suggests Destiny 2’s Lightfall may not arrive until sometime next year.