This Last of Us Clicker cosplay is so good fans want a new Universal ride

Last of Us Clicker cosplay goes viralNaughty Dog, PlayStation

Fans are begging Universal Studios to add a new scare maze to Halloween Horror Nights after a cosplayer expertly pulled off a frightening rendition of The Last of Us’s Clickers.

The Last of Us is back in the limelight thanks to HBO’s ongoing adaptation of Naughty Dog’s hit post-apocalyptic video game series.

The show, already hailed as one of the most accurate video game adaptations of all time, follows the journey of Joel and Ellie as they make their way through an America ravaged by the “infected” (in other words, zombies) — thus far, an almost one-to-one comparison to the original game, aside from a few new tweaks from the showrunners.

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In the latest episode, viewers get introduced to the ‘Clickers.’ These creatures mark the third stage of an ‘infected,’ which is almost totally overtaken by the Cordyceps fungus. It relies on echolocation to spot prey, using “clicking” vocalizations that gave them their namesake.

The Last of us co-directorHBO
The Last of Us TV series is already a massive hit for HBO

The Clickers were met with rave reviews from fans of the games, who marveled at the artistry with which the special effects team brought the zombies to life… and even inspired one talented cosplayer to try their own hand at the fungus-infused critters.

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Cosplayer’s TLOU Clicker costume takes over social media

Cosplayer Ivan King uploaded his take on a Clicker to TikTok on January 16, and it’s safe to say that fans are impressed. They managed to craft a headpiece of the cordyceps fungus blossoming out of their face, including a few shelves of mushroom all over their body, as well.

Combined with their tattered clothes and jerky movements, this real-life Clicker is a close second to HBO’s SFX makeup — and the sound effects make it all the more chilling.

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Viewers instantly praised Ivan King’s cosplay and are even calling for Universal to create a Halloween Horror Nights haunted house attraction for The Last of Us.

“Well, if Universal Studios doesn’t make this their new scare maze,” one commenter said.

“Hope to see some of these on Halloween this year!” another suggested. “Well done.”

The cosplay has even gone viral on Twitter, where users had similar sentiments for Universal’s yearly Halloween attraction.

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“Universal Studios needs to make #TheLastOfUsHBO their new Horror Nights maze,” the poster said.

“OMGGG no, cuz I’d book my tickets as soon as they announce STOP,” one fan admitted.

We can’t lie — it’d definitely be super cool to experience the horror of the Last of Us’ infected in real life. Just think what they could do with a bloater!

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