Elon Musk shares photo of Overwatch Mercy cosplay he had Amber Heard wear

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It has been revealed via a new Biography that billionaire Elon Musk asked his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard to cosplay the Overwatch character Mercy when they were still together.

Elon Musk is always in the news for one thing or another, whether it be his takeover of Twitter/X, his proposed fight with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg or even just his opinions on his favorite video games.

His personal life became even more of an open book after a new biography titled ‘Elon Musk’ released on September 12. The author, Walter Isaacson, who called him a “man-child,” shadowed the CEO for two years providing exclusive details, such as another peculiar child’s name.

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As well as this, Isaacson revealed further insights into his passion for gaming, which included it’s connection with Musk’s love life.

 Elon Musk got Amber Heard to cosplay Overwatch’s Mercy

Overwatch Mercy CharacterOverwatch

According to the book, Elon Musk had his then-girlfriend and actor Amber Heard to cosplay the Overwatch character Mercy for him.

He is stated to have asked her while they were on set during the filming of DC’s blockbuster movie Aquaman, which she had a supporting lead role in.

The only reason given for him wanting Amber to dress up as the character Mercy, was said by Isaacson to be that Heard reminded him of the Overwatch hero and he didn’t elaborate any further.

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Elon Musk shares Amber Heard’s Overwatch Mercy cosplay photo

It appears even Elon Musk himself has seen all the buzz from Dexerto around Amber’s cosplay as he has decided to directly respond to our tweet to confirm, as well as even share a photo of the cosplay itself.

The tech billionaire’s responses have naturally gained a lot of traction with thousands of likes as fans have continued to praise the cosplay even further due to Amber and the outfit’s likeness to the character.

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The comments section also lit up with some hilarious responses complimenting the look.

“Moral of the story… be ultra-successful to fulfill every dream that you have,” one said.

“I’m never leaving this app,” Another said.

Aside from just looks alone, the likeness can be explored by digging into the character deeper. Mercy is a guardian angel that promotes peace, with both strong attacking abilities as well as healing. 

Her balance of offensive and defensive abilities makes her still one of the most popular choices for Overwatch 2 players.

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At the time of writing, Elon has not elaborated further on his reasons why Mercy reminded him of her and Amber Heard has not addressed the claims made in the biography.

Musk, along with Ben Affleck, was also among some of the many celebrities that attended the 2023 Valorant Championships.

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