Airport bans OnlyFans model over ‘inappropriate’ Cyberpunk Edgerunners cosplay

Michael Gwilliam
onlyfans model banned from airport for cyberpunk cosplayInstagram/kinechan2.0

An OnlyFans model and cosplayer was banned from flying after showing up to the airport wearing her skimpy Cyberpunk Edgerunners Rebecca outfit.

Kine-Chan was running late to an event and decided to save time by wearing her planned cosplay to the airport, but that decision ended up costing her.

When the 21-year-old arrived at Navegantes Airport in Brazil wearing her cosplay, she was told to head back home and change. The reason? Her Cyberpunk 2077 cosplay wasn’t much of a cosplay at all.

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While Kine-Chan matched Rebecca’s teal hair color, the model opted to wear a black bikini to the airport and was promptly banned from boarding her flight due to the cosplay not being “appropriate.”

Cyberpunk EdgerunnersNetflix
Edgerunners brought the world of Cyberpunk to Netflix.

OnlyFans model banned from flight after wearing Cyberpunk cosplay

On Instagram, Kine-Chan addressed the situation and posted several photos of her airport shenanigans.

“I tried to board at Navegantes airport dressed as Rebecca’s Cosplay for an event,” she explained. “I knew I could be late so I got dressed so I wouldn’t waste any time and could get there straight away.”

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Unfortunately, despite explaining her situation about needing to attend an event, she was instructed to “go home and change clothes” after the airport deemed her attire ‘inappropriate.’

Photos show Kine-Chan speaking with multiple airport staff members about her dilemma before being rejected and leaving down an escalator. In the final image, the model wore a black coat but still wore her bikini underneath.

Hopefully, the next time Kine-Chan has a flight to catch she can be on time or simply bring a change of clothes so she doesn’t get barred from boarding.

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This is hardly the first time an OnlyFans creator has been kicked out of a building. Earlier this year, a model was banned from the gym after she was caught taking photos in the changing rooms.

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