OnlyFans model gets bizarre copyright strike for IHOP cosplay

Michael Gwilliam
goth IHOP cosplay outfit

An OnlyFans model is speaking out after she received a strange copyright strike from IHOP for her custom waitress cosplay.

A cosplay outfit has earned OnlyFans model Candylion a legal strike from the restaurant chain after she started selling a Goth IHOP outfit.

It seems like every week an OnlyFans model is getting into some sort of legal trouble. From teachers filming content on students’ desks to being arrested for indecent exposure, there have been many incidents over the years.

Most recently, OF star Candylion has revealed the legal predicament she found herself in after IHOP took issue with a cosplay she was selling on Etsy.

In a post on social media, Candylion uploaded a screenshot of IHOP claiming their intellectual property was being used.

Candylion has a series of cosplay outfits on her Etsy ranging from Wednesday Addams, Harley Quinn, Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa, and many more, but her IHOP outfit seems to have been a step too far.

The cosplay consists of a black apron with the words Goth IHOP written on it, clearly poking fun at the pancake restaurant’s original design. The logo also features fangs for a nice vampiric touch.

“This is the funniest copyright strike I have ever gotten and will probably ever get,” she joked.

OnlyFans viewers defend Goth IHOP cosplay

Fans of the cosplay defended the OnlyFans model, and some wondered if she could have gotten around the legal issue by calling it IGOTH instead.

“Honestly, I’m pretty sure I’m still in the right, legally, because it’s parody, but easier to just relist it as something else,” they explained.

Others remarked how IHOP should have just had fun with the whole concept and make a joke about it instead of issuing a copyright strike.

“Shouldn’t even be a joke, I firmly believe that Goth IHOP is a solid business plan,” the cosplayer replied.

We’ll have to see if IHOP ends up reevaluating the situation or if the whole legal brouhaha ends up flopping like a pancake.

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