Dune 2 cosplayer goes viral riding sandworm into AMC theater

Michael Gwilliam
dune 2 cosplayer rides sandworm in cinema

A Dune cosplayer is going viral by recreating one of the sequel’s most iconic sandworm scenes inside of an AMC theater.

Dune 2 has taken the movie world by storm with critics and fans alike hailing Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s legendary science-fiction series.

One fan loved the movie so much he ended up bringing the scene where Paul Atreides first rides a mammoth sandworm to life to the theater in an incredible cosplay spectacle.

In a series of videos going viral across TikTok, user ‘redprintsrising’ took control of a sandworm while dressed in Fremen attire and ventured into an AMC cinema, much to the amazement of moviegoers.

Dune cosplayer literally rides sandworm into AMC

In one video, the cosplayer is filmed from an overhead perspective riding on a OneWheel Pint that easily resembles a sandworm from Dune, albeit much smaller.

After going from outside of the theater with ease, the cosplayer managed to get his sandworm inside the theater, further impressing cinema fans.

The man showed off his skills further by navigating the area without crashing, clearly having complete mastery of the worm as he steered it into the theater’s hallway and even the concession area.

Of course, fans in attendance couldn’t help but begin taking photos and filming the spectacle and users online were equally as stunned by the stunt.

“Stilgar would be sh**ting his pants watching this,” one fan said, referencing Javier Bardem’s character.

“The ONLY way to enter into Dune part 2,” another commented.

Drake let him borrow,” another joked.

Hopefully, this isn’t the last we end up seeing of redprintsrising’s sandworm, especially if Dune Messiah gets greenlit to wrap up Denis Villeneuve’s trilogy.

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