The Mandalorian cosplayer shows the way with ultimate bounty hunter outfit

Alex Garton
mandalorian cosplay pic

A cosplayer has blown Mandalorian fans away with a perfect handmade bounty hunter outfit from the series. It’s so impressive, it looks like it could be used in the next season of the show.

Since its premiere back in 2019, Disney’s The Mandalorian has become one of the most popular series on TV. Star Wars fans everywhere have flocked to the program to get their fix of more adventures from a galaxy far, far away.

Without a doubt, one of the most iconic aspects of the show is the Mandalorian’s suit. His outfit is adored by fans of the series and many have attempted to recreate it for themselves.

One cosplayer has taken the Mandalorian’s outfit to a new level, recreating the old school appearance of the character perfectly.

Mandalorian old school
The Mandalorian premiered back in November of 2019.

Cosplayer creates perfect old-school Mandalorian outfit

Creating the Mandalorian’s incredibly detailed suit is no easy task, but cosplayer Alexander Moreno has achieved exactly that.

The iconic outfit has been recreated perfectly to match the old-school appearance he was looking for. Moreno could likely walk onto the set of Season 3 of the series tomorrow and no one would bat an eye-lid.


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Of course, as with any impressive cosplay, the details are what make the outfit perfect. From the red neon lights inside the helmet to the worn and scuffed appearance of the armor, the suit is picture-perfect.

But what’s a bounty hunter without an impressive set of weapons? Well, Moreno delivers on that front as well, with his outfit including a pistol and rifle so he’s always ready to take on a new bounty at any time.


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It’s obvious how much effort has gone into creating this outfit and ensuring it perfectly matches the suit from the show. However, the work has certainly paid off as you’ll struggle to find a better Mandalorian cosplay than his.

Fingers crossed he continues to make great cosplays and we potentially see him recreate some other characters from the series.