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Metroid cosplayer boost kicks enemies as epic Zero Suit Samus

Published: 15/Mar/2020 0:20

by Brent Koepp


A skilled cosplayer has brought Samus Aran to life with a mind blowing portrayal of the classic Nintendo character. The artist’s insanely accurate take on her Zero Suit look had fans going wild.

Metroid originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1996. The game’s iconic protagonist Samus Aran has anchored what has been one the longest running franchises in gaming history.

A cosplay artist has shared her incredibly faithful take on the sci-fi character’s Zero Suit. Her perfect depiction is so good, it’s almost if she has rolled out of the screen with her morph ball.


The Nintendo Company
The iconic Metroid protagonist continues to be one of Nintendo’s most popular characters.

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Zero Suit Samus brought to life with cosplay

The Metroid character’s Zero Suit first showed up in the 2004 Game Boy Advance title Zero Mission. Samus is usually seen in her signature Power Armor, although her new look as become just as iconic in recent years.

Cosplayer ‘kyrramarie‘ transformed into the intergalactic bounty hunter for Anime Expo 2019. Inspired by ‘omgcosplay,’ the artist took a selfie in her hotel room and showed fans her jaw dropping costume.

Her outfit is incredibly faithful to the game – from her blond hair which is pulled up into a ponytail, to her silver paralyzer gun, she nailed the Nintendo character’s look.


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Kyyra collaborated with photographer ‘blizzardterrak‘ who perfectly captured her as she posed as the bounty hunter. She even re-created the character’s signature fighting stance by holding her gun up in the air.

In another photo by ‘nels‘ the artist showed off the details of her outfit, such as her gray and yellow metal bracelets and her accurate hair piece by ‘skellebee.’ Posing on a set of stairs, she shows off the her signature jet boots which were first introduced in the 2014 Smash Bros title for the Wii U.

Her pictures exploded on Instagram, as fans went wild for her cosplay such as user ‘coded_journalism’ who said “So perfect. Literally her.” Another user ‘hibariplayground’ exclaimed “Perfect Samus, the best I’ve seen by far!”


Nintendo fans gushed over the cosplayer’s incredibly detailed Zero Suit Samus take.

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Despite debuting two decades ago, Samus continues to be one of the most iconic characters in gaming. You can currently play her Zero Suit iteration in the 2018-released Smash Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch.

After a long wait, fans of the series are finally getting a new game in the franchise. The Japanese publisher announced at E3 2017 that Metroid Prime 4 is currently in development by Retro Studios.