Warzone streamer mocks ‘hackusations’ by faking cheats on Twitch stream

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A Warzone streamer accused of hacking decided to troll his accusers by opening a fake cheating application live on Twitch.

Twitch streamer ‘Zurly’ has been making a name for himself with his Warzone movement videos on YouTube.

The relatively new content creator has managed to grow both his Twitch and YouTube channels in the process, amassing a decent following on both platforms – but it hasn’t come without backlash.

Just like many skilled players in the Warzone community, Zurly has been accused of using cheats, and while he’s denied these claims, he also figured he may as well have some fun with those making the allegations.

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Warzone has had a serious cheating problem for ages.

Warzone streamer fakes opening cheats on Twitch

In a clip the streamer posted to Twitter, he created a file on his computer with the name “soft aim” to make it look like a cheating application and further hid it in a folder called “clips.”

A bit later on, when he was supposed to get on and play, he opened up the folder and pretended like he didn’t mean to do so.

“Let me load up my game,” he told his friend while accessing the fake aimbot. “Oh sh*t!”

Naturally, for those who weren’t aware of this prank, it made it seem as if he had been caught opening up hacks on stream – something that has happened to legitimate cheaters in the past.

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Whether or not pretending to open cheats on stream is ethical is debatable given the struggles some have faced in the form of accusations. Notably, Warzone streamer Nadia has been under a microscope as she has been accused of cheating for quite some time.

In any case, as long as Warzone and other CoD titles deal with waves of cheaters ruining the game for players, hacking allegations will continue even if there is a lack of evidence.