Warzone May 15 update patch notes: Tonfa and Riveter Shotgun nerfs, more

John Esposito
Warzone bunker gun fight in-game image

A small update has hit Warzone that nerfs the Tonfa, which has been a headache to players, and the Riveter shotgun.

May 14’s Warzone patch was relatively small and addressed bugs with the JAK Warden Kit, Prestige camos, and more. Players have hoped for even more changes, especially with the Tonfa as the melee weapon has been causing players trouble in lobbies everywhere.

However, a surprise fix was deployed on May 15, with adjustments to the Tonfa and the Riveter shotgun.

Warzone May 15 patch notes


  • Riveter
    • .410 Gauge Ball Ammunition
      • Near-Mid Damage decreased to 30, down from 33.
      • Mid Damage decreased to 25, down from 27.
      • *New Damage Range Added*
        • Far-Mid Damage set to 21. 
        • Far-Mid Damage range set to 16.51 meters.
      • Min Damage decreased to 15, down from 25.
  • Tonfa
    • It will now take 4 melee hits, up from 3, to eliminate an enemy with full health and 3 armor plates.
Tonfa in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone

While many applauded the small Tonfa nerf, some players shared frustration over the increased damage requirement as it doesn’t address the primary problem: the Tonfa’s range and speed.

The Tonfa has an increased melee range similar to the Kali Sticks and high melee speed, which means players can send each other to the Gulag in seconds using the weapon. Pair that time to kill speed with the never-ending frustration of players equipped with Riot Shields, and it’s nearly impossible to counter in close range.

Players weren’t afraid of sharing their frustration at the developers for disregarding the Tonfa’s ranged benefits.

“Bro they can hit me from 10 Meters away the lunge is the problem,” one player replied to the CoD Updates Twitter/X account.

Another reply called for the weapon to be removed from Warzone.

With Season 3 wrapping up, major loot pool changes will likely not arrive until Season 4. However, the developers have been actively making changes week by week, so it may not be completely off the table.

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