MW3 players split on small maps but agree one is by far the worst

Declan Mclaughlin
MW3 Das Haus artwork

Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer community has shared the pros and cons of four small maps. While many players debated the merits of each location, most agreed one stood above them all as the worst.

MW3 has a litany of maps for players to choose from when it comes to close-quarters gun fights and matches in the 6 vs. 6 playlist.

In a Reddit post prodding players for their pros and cons of four 6 vs. 6 maps – Stash House, Shipment, Emergency, and Terminal – players debated the caliber of each location. Many liked the fast-paced action and panned the weird spawns that often occur in the tight-quartered maps.

However, one map stood out from the others as a clear weak point, with players deriding and critiquing what it had become throughout MW3’s lifespan: Terminal.

Traditionally a fan-favorite map from MW2, due to it bringing out classic Call of Duty chaos thanks to its design, Terminal has somehow transformed into a sniper and camper’s paradise.

“This may sound controversial and everyone might hate me, but I despise Terminal, there’s that feeling where you’re always being watched by some guy with an LMG or a sniper rifle and 99% it’s correct,” one Reddit user said.

“Terminal is terminal hardscoping,” another user said.

One player pointed out that the map used to be “so good,” but people don’t play the map the same way they used to when it first dropped or even back in MW2. “All they do is sit and snipe or lay in a corner,” they said.

Others said Terminal was probably their favorite out of all four options, but agreed people running sniper rifles and camping out the safe sightlines are aggravating at times.

While highly regarded as a classic Call of Duty location, Terminal still has its pitfalls in the eyes of some players and is susceptible to the new mechanics and power creep of the latest game in the series.

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