Warzone pro TeeP reveals his biggest wish for the Pacific map

Theo Salaun
teep call of duty warzone pacific

From playing Call of Duty professionally to competing in Warzone’s biggest tournaments, TeeP has seen more CoD than most. And as we head to the Pacific, Caldera map — he has one specific thing he wants to see next.

Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow has been competing at CoD’s highest levels since 2010. He’s won a world championship, coached, casted, and more on the path to being where he’s at today — a content creator for OpTic Gaming.

With a chance at a TeeP interview, we made sure to capitalize on that experience. First, we spoke to him about the “all streamers are hackers” conspiracies. But we had to ask about funner stuff too, like Warzone Pacific.

TeeP’s general feelings on the shift from Verdansk to Pacific, Caldera are clear: “I am so damn excited.” But he also has one specific area that he hopes is improved in the new map. And it’s something most fans will probably agree with.

Warzone pro TeeP wants less staircases in Warzone Pacific

Look, the common reasons for Pacific excitement are a more colorful environment and new guns. Vanguard integration is going to bring a lot of new weaponry into the fold, while a trip to Caldera should mean vibrant scenery — which players already got a taste of with Rebirth Island.

But TeeP has a more specific wish for December 8: “hopefully the new map doesn’t have so many staircases to fight in.”

As he explained, he “wasn’t the biggest fan of a lot of the building design on Verdansk,” which is an experience many players can relate to. Buildings found in Downtown, Promenade, and Airport frequently caught flack for the playstyles they encouraged.

Could changing Warzone’s buildings help counter campers?

call of duty warzone verdansk staircase
There is perhaps no environment that provides ‘camper’s advantage’ more than Verdansk staircases.

If you think of CoD gunfights from a competitive or even a casual standpoint, you typically imagine finessing around cover and beaming at medium ranges. Long sightlines exist, but can be avoided, while super-close engagements are restricted to rare encounters.

But Verdansk was full of tall buildings with winding, tightly knit stairwells. That’s a camper’s dream and a gunslinger’s nightmare. Contesting someone camping the top of said staircases was a frustrating experience and it’s easy to see why TeeP would hope for less of that in Caldera.

For now, it’s unclear exactly how the Pacific map will play out. While players are already worried about some similarities, we’ll only be able to find out if TeeP’s wish was granted once the new map launches on December 8.

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