Warzone Pacific Season 1 weapons & operators apparently leaked

Connor Bennett
Warzone Roze skin on Caldera map

The new operators and weapons coming in Warzone Pacific Season 1 have seemingly been leaked with supposed key art for the new update doing the rounds on social media. 

When Call of Duty: Vanguard was first revealed, many players quickly wondered just what the return to a World War 2 setting would mean for Warzone.

The battle royale’s main map – Verdansk – came as a part of Modern Warfare and was just that, modern. While Black Ops Cold War added some throwback twists with Verdansk ’84, it was quickly rumored that a new map would be released.

After much waiting, we know that map’s name – Caldera. It will release as a part of Warzone Pacific’s first update on December 8, and it looks like we’ll be getting some new operators and weapons to go with it too.

Activision have revealed the tropical island of Caldera as the new Pacific map for Warzone coming with Vanguard integration.

Leaked Vanguard Warzone operators & weapons

An image that appears to be the key art for the new update has started doing the rounds on social media, throwing three characters – two male and one female – looking for a fight as they walk across a beach.

The tropical theming of the photo appears to match what we’ve seen already from Caldera, and as a result of taking a closer look, players believe they’ve uncovered a handful of new weapons.

First off, the female character – supposedly named Anna – appears to be holding a British Welgun SMG. The male character in the back looks to be holding an M1944 Hyde Carbine, which would be another SMG. Though, some players believe it is another variant of the M1 Thompson that is already in-game. Additionally, the character on the right is carrying what looks to be a PTRS sniper. Though, that isn’t confirmed.

On top of that, leaker GhostOfHope noted that the character on the right of the image also appears to have Nunchuks on his back, meaning we could get another melee weapon to rival the Kali Sticks.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed yet and we’ll just have to wait and see what the developers have in store for players once the new update goes live.