Warzone pro TeeP reveals why hack accusations against big streamers are ‘fair’

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From Call of Duty pro to Warzone pro, TeeP knows CoD as well as anyone. So who better to interview about top-tier performance and how it feeds into the streamer-hacker accusations?

Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow’s opinion of Warzone hackers is easily summarized: “Tiring.” Like most players in top-tier lobbies, he trudges through multiple hackers daily. And that fatigue likely explains why he seems as excited about the upcoming anti-cheat as he is about the flashy, new map.

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But despite constantly fighting against hackers, TeeP and other big streamers get accused of cheating themselves. And while that would probably be annoying, he actually thinks the accusations are understandable.

A Warzone pro’s play can seem unnatural to casuals. That can be attributed to talent, time played, and how differently the game performs on a high-end PC setup than the common console. TeeP acknowledges the bump to performance his setup brings, but doesn’t think that gap in play is to blame for ‘hackusations.’

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TeeP interview: Boosting Warzone performance on PC

The majority of Warzone players are on console, while most pros and streamers play on elaborate PC rigs blessed with better graphics, framerates, and FOV sliders. Even further, TeeP also makes use of three other peripherals — audio, controller, and monitor — that help him compete at a higher level.

As he explains, “high-quality audio is a top priority on the professional scene.” TeeP uses a pair of JBL Quantum Ones, which come with accompanying PC software.

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Speaking about why he’s partnered with the brand and prefers the Quantum One, he elaborated: “It delivers the most precise in-game audio and allows me to configure everything that I want in the PC software that comes with it.” 

Further, the streamer has been using SCUF controllers for a decade. And there’s a simple reason why: “It has paddles, so I don’t have to worry about playing claw and can keep my hands fresh.”

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And lastly, TeeP claims that top-tier “monitors are also an easy way to have a leg up on the competition.” He credited the switch to 1440p resolution (with a 240hz refresh rate) for helping counter fatigue.

Why Warzone hackusations are understandable

As such, your setup can help you hear better and see better, while protecting from hand strain and fatigue. It’s therefore no surprise that professional gamers have such an edge on casuals — who are basically playing a restricted version of the same game.

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So we asked if TeeP thinks the benefits of a high-end setup might explain why streamers are so often accused of hacking by those with more-limited experiences. While he agreed “that could be part of it,” he actually thinks there’s a simpler explanation. 

“Cheaters have been a big problem for so long now on CoD and Warzone that it’s not unfair for people to think this way.” As TeeP suggests, there are so many hackers in Verdansk that accusing anyone and everyone isn’t unreasonable at this point.

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With so many hackers running amok, fans may understandably be paranoid of anyone with a three-plus K/D. But Warzone Pacific is coming and, with it, the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat. If the latter is effective, there should hopefully be fewer hackers and, in turn, fewer streamer hackusations.

At that point, maybe we’ll actually be able to blame headsets, not just hacks, for streamers being so good at the game.

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