Warzone players delighted by new map’s vibrant color & nature in Pacific teaser

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone new map vanguard reveal teaser

A new Warzone map has been near the top of most CoD players’ wish lists for a long time now and those wishes now seem to be coming true. With a new reveal for the Pacific map, fans are already ecstatic about color and nature in the change of scenery.

It’s official. Yes, Call of Duty: Warzone is getting a new map with Vanguard and, yes, it’s going to be set in the Pacific — meaning a change in terrain and, as it turns out, overall vibrancy.

During CoD’s multiplayer reveal for Vanguard on September 7, the devs decided to treat their battle royale fans to some clips, pictures, and information about the upcoming integrated map: the Pacific map.

Despite how short the reveal was, players are already hype. The teaser showed glimpses of blue skies, colorful nature, and “lush landscapes.” After years spent in Verdansk (and its overwhelming sunlight), these shots of saturation have made quite the impression.

Warzone’s new Pacific map revealed

While the teaser was only about 30 seconds long, that was enough for the community. In the replies to CI’s tweet, the most common responses surround words like “beautiful” and “color.”

One user summed up most fans’ reactions pretty concisely: “It looks so f**king good, like it actually has color.” And that doesn’t just apply to the blue water and skies, as there was a ton of greenery and vibrancy in every minor clip shown.

Warzone new map & anti-cheat

The devs also followed up with more confirmations, explaining that there will indeed be more playlists and community events and — most importantly — a brand-new anti-cheat system in place when the new map drops.

Overall, we’ll need to wait to see more out of Vanguard’s new Pacific map before dropping any firm expectations. But, for now, it’s most certainly nice to see a return to the vibrancy players might remember from Blackout.

No word yet on how tall the buildings will be, but campers beware: there weren’t any massive structures in the trailer. Oh, and no word on animals in the game either. There was a bunch of water in the trailer, but we might just have to wait and see.