Bizarre Warzone glitch steals Riot Shields from players mid-game

Michael Gwilliam
Riot Shield in Warzone

An annoying Warzone bug is making a critical weapon vanish from players’ inventories and there’s only one way to stop it until the devs fix it themselves.

The Riot Shield can be an important tool in some players’ arsenals. While not flashy by any means, it can provide a tactical advantage to anyone proficient with it and can even come up clutch when dealing with hackers.

However, it can also randomly disappear in the most annoying of ways. As detailed by YouTuber Rito Rhymes, if you have the Riot Shield equipped or in your inventory and you get downed while in a vehicle, after you get revived, it’s gone.

Instead, you’ll be left with a “no weapon” icon and, to make matters worse, the bug is extremely consistent.

According to Rhymes, it doesn’t matter if you self-revive or a teammate revives you, your Riot Shield will vanish. It also doesn’t matter if your vehicle explodes or you get shot out of it or what your other weapon is with just one exception.

Riot shield bug
Riot Shields have long been a staple of Call of Duty titles.

How to fix vanishing Riot Shield bug

The only way to guarantee your Riot Shield doesn’t vanish is to have a shotgun equipped or in your inventory. For some reason, if you do this, then your Riot Shield will be fine.

Any other weapon, however, will just keep causing the Riot Shield to disappear out of thin air, leaving you in quite a vulnerable state.

“The exception persists if you swap a shotgun for another weapon then get downed in a vehicle, so long as the shotgun was the last weapon you had before swapping,” Rito noted. “However, the bug will reactivate after you get downed and revived once, you’ll lose your Riot Shield if you get downed and revived a second time, unless you pick up another shotgun.”

Basically, as Rito put it, if you’re going to get into a vehicle with the Riot Shield equipped, you should ride shotgun… literally.