How to get to the top of tallest Downtown building in Warzone and avoid campers


Players are known for camping at the top of tall building in the Downtown section of Warzone’s Verdansk ’84 map with their guns trained on the two entrances. A YouTuber has since discovered a way to get to avoid all of those campers and instead get the drop on them. 

The tallest building in Verdansk, known as the SKN Broadcast Building, has been a haven for campers ever since the game’s first release back in March 2020. Players have always flooded to the building during the start of matches, making it hard to get into if you’re even a couple seconds late.

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When Verdansk ’84 was added during the Season 3 update, which changed up the map quite significantly, the SKN Building became even more popular. The top was completely altered, adding two main floors alongside the roof, allowing for even more places to hide.

Now, YouTuber Thats_Frosty has discovered a way to get to the top, avoiding some of the popular camping spots along the way. In order to do this trick, you’ll have to take the elevator to the top and then go to the southwest side of the building.

From there, you can jump up onto a couple ledges and you’ll be on the top floor. Most players tend to camp either the stairwell or the outer zipline so this avoids both of those areas. The jump is a bit tricky so it might take some practice to do but Thats_Frosty’s video gives a good visual guide to help people get up there for themselves.

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This isn’t the first time that the YouTuber has shown some interesting guides on Verdansk ’84. Just a few days back he showed an interesting way to get to the top of the new Array location, which now provides the highest vantage point across the whole map.

All in all, it’ll be very interesting to see if any more new jump spots are located. While some areas have stayed the same in Verdansk ’84, others have been completely changed.