Warzone players still losing it over “OP” perk despite nerfs

warzone operators running from fireActivision

Warzone players are still becoming incredibly frustrated with one ‘overpowered’ perk, despite it receiving multiple nerfs throughout recent updates.

Warzone’s perk system is one of the many things that sets it apart from other battle royale titles. It brings the popular feature from Call of Duty multiplayer into the BR environment, giving players more customization over how they play.

While, generally, most custom loadouts will use similar perks, there’s definitely a lot of freedom in terms of what is viable and how best to work around your playstyle and ability.

There’s one perk that has been causing untold anguish since it was added into Warzone though, and that’s Serpentine.

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Here’s the description of the perk: “Sprinting reduces incoming damage from bullets, explosives, and fire by 20%.”

Essentially, it’s used to give players a bit more of a chance of survival if they’re sprinting away from an enemy shooting at them. This has been a constant source of complaints, but even despite numerous nerfs to the perk, players have had enough.

Taking to social media, Warzone player Onepiece285 aired his grievances about the problem, in a post that earned over 700 upvotes.

“Serpentine should not be in the game,” they said. “How can a perk be nerfed so many times and still be this OP?

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Meanwhile, others have called for changes on Twitter, too. Dom called it a “f**king disease,” while Kenny called it “the worst f**king perk in Warzone,” claiming that it needs to be removed.

With Warzone 2 right around the corner, Serpentine may not be an issue for much longer, though, as the game was showcased at COD Next with no loadouts or perks at all.

While leaks since have suggested that loadouts and perks could be in Warzone 2, there has been no confirmation from Activision or Infinity Ward, and if they are, it’s going to be a close turnaround for the November 16 launch date.

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