Warzone players split on best sniper after Season 3 meta shakeup

Joe Craven
Warzone character laying down and firing LW3 Tundra

Warzone players are split on the battle royale’s best sniper rifle as Season 3’s meta shake-ups continue to impact Caldera’s weapon pool, with the long-dominant Kar98k and Swiss K31 no longer on top. 

Since Warzone’s launch way back in spring 2020, the sniper rifle meta has been strong, seeing nearly all players dropping in with a sniper to ensure they can challenge and knock enemies across Verdansk, Caldera, or Rebirth Island.

However, Season 3 brought the most substantial changes to sniper rifles in Warzone’s history, considerably weakening the long-meta Kar98k and Swiss K31.

As a result, slower but more powerful snipers like the HDR and ZRG 20mm have risen in popularity but, even as we approach Season 4 of Warzone Pacific, fans are split on the long-range weapon class.

Warzone Sniper with logo
Snipers were nerfed heavily in Season 3.

One player called for adjustments to snipers ASAP, commenting that: “Since the ability to one-shot headshot from any range has been removed from the Swiss and the HDR heavily nerfed I feel like it is time to move on from this game… now the game just feels dull with the same old ARs.”

Another stated that the ZRG 20mm is now the game’s dominant sniper rifle, but plenty of players responded to say that they prefer the HDR, even after it received nerfs in Season 3 and saw its bullet drop adjusted considerably.

WZRanked lists the most used weapons in the battle royale and, according to their most recent data, the HDR is the most popular sniper in the game. That doesn’t mean the best though.

A third player commented that the nerfs has caused them to get creative with their sniper builds, throwing together unique and “off-meta” classes that don’t use sniper scopes and other crutch attachments.

With snipers in an undoubtedly ambiguous spot in Warzone Season 3, we’ll have to see what changes Season 4 brings and how they impact the long-popular weapon class moving forwards.