Warzone players desperate for permanent Plunder return: “Not playing until they put it back”

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Warzone Season 6 has players up in arms after the BR’s popular Plunder playlist was replaced by the new Clash and Payload game modes — with some fans refusing to play at all until it returns.

The final season of Warzone before Vanguard’s integration kicked off with a bang, adding new weapons, map changes, and more as a final send-off for the battle royale’s Black Ops Cold War era.

While there’s plenty for fans to be excited about, like the new Grav assault rifle and Ironhide shotgun, the updates introduced in Season 6 weren’t all received well by the community.

The decision to remove Plunder as a permanent playlist has been particularly unpopular, and despite replacements in the form of Clash and Payload, fans are desperate for the BR’s original objective-based game mode to return — and never go away again.

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Plunder’s removal as a permanent Warzone playlist has plenty of fans up in arms.

Plunder’s absence puts Warzone players on-edge

Despite returning some weeks as a limited-time game mode, Warzone fans are still desperate for Plunder to be reinstated as a permanent fixture, and they made their concerns over its continued absence known on social media.

In a thread posted to the game’s subreddit, one fan begged developer Raven Software to “give [them] Plunder back,” and questioned its removal in the first place: “I’m not complaining that there are finally some new modes, but why remove the old ones?”

Plenty of other Warzone players added their own support to the petition, along with more criticism over the playlist’s removal. “Clash and Payload are a**,” said one response, before continuing “There is zero reason to remove Plunder.”

“I know they’re worried about splitting the player base,” another fan commented, “but . . . frankly, if you can’t keep a game mode alive without forcing players to play it, maybe consider not having that mode at all.”

“Whatever the reason is, it’s a s**tty thing to do,” another player remarked.

“Plunder is a good mode to just have fun. No stress, no high stakes, just fun,” another fan pointed out, referring to the easier game flow due to constant respawns and the ability to switch between loadouts on-command throughout each match.

Whatever the reasoning behind Raven’s removal of Plunder might be, the move certainly hasn’t gone over well with the Warzone community. Only time will tell if the playlist makes a permanent comeback, but for now, players must be be content with hopping in during its limited-time returns.