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Warzone player highlights “little things” that would massively improve the game

Published: 17/Oct/2021 15:36

by Sam Comrie


Activision’s battle royale colossus Warzone has conjured up its fair share of detractors as cheating and glitches continue to plague the game, but a clever assessment of the game’s features has shed light on some essential quality of life improvements. 

Even with their global domination as the battle royale genre’s go-to title, Activision and its army of developers have faced continuous waves of feedback on Warzone’s path to please fans.

While new tactics are being deployed to combat cheaters and small improvements are appearing to actually improve the physical health of players, there is still more work to be done as the game enters a compelling era with Vanguard on the horizon.


call of duty warzone vanguard riochet anticheat
The developers are implementing much-needed change to tackle cheaters.

Warzone player addresses “little things” that need fixing

One player went out of their way to address “the little things” that could be fixed, to help players see Warzone in a positive light.

YouTuber and Warzone fan BurterSpeed put together a sleek video essay, that broke down Warzone’s features and mechanics to retrofit them with some fantastic quality-of-life suggestions.

Remembering “how polished everything felt” with their initial impressions of Warzone, the YouTuber provides a look at features that both casual and seasoned players will certainly have their gripes with.


Warzone’s movement started off with a solid foundation, as it had the Modern Warfare engine to thank for its responsive, satisfying traversal.


Yet, mantling is a persistent issue that could cost you your life in the heat of battle. While some instances will take you over an object, most of the time the game will place your operator simply on top of them.

If mantling was improved to have a more consistent reading of the objects players seek to climb, this could save valuable time when the stakes are raised supremely high. The same frustrations can be applied to ziplines too, which keep players in a rigid, stiff state of movement before ultimately leading to unfair death at the peak of the wire.


User-interface / HUD

Constantly asking for ammo or plates from your fellow squadmates? Of course you are, it’s the bread and butter of any bleak circle as the battle becomes harder.

With a simple U.I fix, these elements could be indicated to your teammates with a visual component to indicate just how many plates or specific ammo types are in reserve. The same could be applied to field upgrades and killstreaks too, to avoid players accidentally picking up / buying unnecessary battle aids.

Warzone User Interface
YouTube: BurterSpeed
Friendly U.I fixes could improve communication tenfold.

Overpowered mechanics

It’s no secret that tactical like Stun Grenades are the absolute bane of Warzone’s combat experience. According to BurterSpeed, it can take just over “five seconds” to do a full 180-degree turn, after a stun is deployed in your vicinity.


Rendering any plausible response near impossible, overpowered mechanics like this are one of the more common ways to the gulag. Combine this with incredibly powerful melees, like the Kali Sticks, it is easy to see why players are getting frustrated.

YouTube: BurterSpeed
The MG82 is ridiculously powerful when mounted.

The dependency on the Heartbeat Monitor too is another problem that factors in, with players often “spamming” them to keep track of their opponents. This could be “easily fixed”, with a cooldown mechanic that limits the over usage of the item.

Mounting has allowed weapons like the MG82 to gain a 50% reduction in its recoil pattern. While this might may sense from a realism point of view, the idea that players can be blasted away within mere seconds with weapons as buffed as the MG82 is still an annoying element in any gunfight.


BurterSpeed’s full video has tonnes of incredible ideas to explore.