Ultimate Warzone Clash guide: new 50v50 game mode explained

Warzone Clash gameplayActivision

As a spiritual successor to Warzone Rumble, Clash is a new 50v50 game mode in Season 5 and we’ve got a complete guide to help you get ahead of the curve. Here’s everything there is to know about the new Warzone playlist.

If the traditional battle royale experience is getting stale, Warzone Clash is here to provide more of a team-based multiplayer structure. Rather than dropping in as a solo player or part of a small squad, Clash puts you into a team of 50 players.

Dropping into certain chunks of Verdansk, two teams of 50 compete in a typical deathmatch game. Respawns are unlimited, you have access to any loadout, and the first to 200 kills wins.

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But there’s more to Clash than first meets the eye. With a number of new features not present in Rumble, there’s plenty to wrap your head around. Here’s a complete rundown on how Clash works in Warzone Season 5.

How Warzone Clash works

Warzone gameplayActivision
Clash will have you fighting in big team battles across Verdansk.

At the start of every Clash game, two teams of 50 drop into a section of Verdansk. You won’t be traveling through the entire battle royale map as Clash hones in on a few unique areas to keep the action flowing.

Every kill you secure adds a point to your team’s total score. The first to 200 total eliminations wins the match. But outside of general gunfights, there’s plenty you can be doing to help your team on the path to victory.

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Clash brings in a number of gameplay elements from the standard Warzone experience. From Contracts to Buy Stations and even vehicles, this mode plays out more like a game of Warzone than a game of multiplayer deathmatch.

Exact Warzone damage values are also carried over into Clash. Meaning all weapons and equipment will function the exact same as they do in the battle royale mode.

If you’re looking to test a new loadout before dropping into Verdansk properly, Clash could be the best opportunity to get a feel for your new kit.

Best Warzone Clash loadouts

Warzone gameplayActivision
Rapid movement and fast-firing weapons are key in Clash.

With every kill pushing your team closer to a win, an aggressive playstyle is hugely important for Clash. This means Assault Rifles, SMGs, and even Shotguns are pivotal in the heat of the moment.

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From the C58 to the Mac 10, make sure you grab something that keeps you agile in Verdansk. While sniping from afar can be a solid option, staying in one place for too long could leave your team struggling to catch up.

Moreover, there’s no need for Ghost in a mode like this where you’re constantly on the move, always looking for fights, and respawning quite frequently. Aggression is key so Overkill is the ideal Perk to keep you in the fight. When one weapon gets low on ammo, swap to the other and keep on firing.

As a general rule of thumb, Warzone’s best loadouts will be the best Clash loadouts as well. Since damage values are the same across the board, your strongest loadouts for the battle royale will still shred in Clash.

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