Warzone players demand another nerf for “broken” Owen Gun

Andrew Highton
close-up shot of owen gun in cod

The Owen Gun SMG has been the bane of many Warzone fans’ existence recently and it continues to haunt them with many players demanding a definitive nerf to the weapon.

Despite receiving a secret nerf recently, the Owen Gun is still relentless in Warzone Season 3. No amount of new guns or Gozillla-themed content will dissuade players from asking for Owen Gun nerfs as the ferocious gun is occupying many lobbies.

Owen Gun loadouts are all too popular and more and more examples are being shown off all the time displaying just how ridiculously OP it is.

side view of cod warzone owen gun smg
How much will longer will the Owen Gun continue to dominate?

OP Owen Gun possibly in need of a Warzone nerf?

As we’ve said, the weapon has actually been nerfed already, but it doesn’t seem to have made much of a significant difference.

A Reddit user on the Warzone subreddit put together a compilation of Owen Gun supremacy that showed how ridiculously accurate and destructive the SMG truly is. In several instances, the Owen Gun was absolutely beaming two, three, and even four players in quick succession.

Its healthy ammo clip, combined with its inch-perfect power and precision, gave opposing players no chance to react and it made absolute mincemeat out of countless players that happened to find themself in front of the gun’s iron sight.

It wasn’t just the OP who thought that the Owen Gun was “broken” either. One commenter said: “The gun would still be top tier if it had a 40-round mag, the fact it has 72 makes it ridiculous. You just can’t have one of the most powerful SMGs that also has good maneuverability, and has an LMG-sized magazine. Don’t see them removing the 72-round attachment so it’s gonna need a few more nerfs before it’s not on top for quads and trios. ”

Another user chimed in: “This gun is not balanced at all, the fire rate being increased that much by the RB and the small barrels makes it OP. Compared to other VG [Vanguard] SMGs that are OP to begin with.”

Eventually, all guns that are clearly dominating Warzone do get nerfed. It happened with the DMR, the AMAX, and countless others. So we imagine it won’t be long until the Owen Gun is knocked off of its perch.

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