Broken Warzone attachment nerfed and it’s worse than using nothing

Connor Bennett
an image of two characters from Warzone Season 4

An “unbelievably broken” attachment in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone has finally been nerfed, but it’s now so bad that using nothing is actually better for your loadout. 

Over the last few years, Warzone has had its fair share of problems with broken guns and attachments. The latter, though, has been increased by the addition of Aftermarket Parts in Modern Warfare 3.

While many of the issues this year have come from the Aftermarket Parts, there are base attachments that cause headaches too. The XRK Lightning Fire trigger for the COR-45 has been one of the biggest of those causing problems as it massively boosted the pistol’s fire rate to be “unbelievably broken” in Warzone.

Getting that broken fire rate did require players using macro exploits and, of course, the devs have cracked down on it. The trigger was nerfed in the July 9 update, but it has now gone too far the other way. 

Redditor BloodCrazeHunter pointed out that the attachment’s nerf has made it so that using nothing in its place is better for the gun. “It’s actually explicitly worse than just not using a trigger attachment,” they said, noting that the attachment has a 20% impact on Fire Rate and a 16% impact on Sprint to Fire speed. 

“An attachment that offers only downsides without any benefit. It has to be a bug, right?” one confused player quizzed. “Didn’t cross my mind that all they would do is simply nerf the triggers to the ground. Might as well remove them from the game,” another added.

A further furious player commented: “Wait, so now ANOTHER pistol is now useless? This f*cking game’s balance really does make me just want to drop the game. So many good things in this game are ruined by awful f*cking balance.”

It remains to be seen if the Lightning Fire nerf will be reevaluated at any point, but its clearly created another problem for players.