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Warzone players blast “pay to lose” Godzilla skin in Season 3

Published: 8/May/2022 10:57

by Sam Comrie


Warzone is gearing up to drop the Operation Monarch even on May 11, but players are already lambasting the inclusion of the Godzilla-inspired operator due to its divisive design. 

Activision had introduced adventurous crossovers into Warzone before but Operation Monarch is undoubtedly the biggest yet. Using the jungle battlefield of Caldera, players will be battling the two most iconic kaiju in cinema: Godzilla and King Kong.

However, the crossover hasn’t flown over well with everyone as players have begun to criticize the design of a Godzilla-inspired operator skin.

cod vanguard gozilla and king operator skins running
Warzone players can get their hands on King Kong and Godzilla-themed operator skins ahead of Operation Monarch.

Warzone players aren’t impressed with “awful” Godzilla operator skin

There have been a few interesting skins introduced to Warzone, but it seems that the Godzilla-inspired operator skin isn’t landing for players, with many taking aim at its obnoxious features that could comprise you in battle.


Redditor cakewalkbackwards blasted the skin’s aesthetic, saying “I still don’t get it. Doesn’t make you better…you’re more visible to enemies, and it costs money?”

With glowing eyes and distinct likeness to Godzilla’s skin, another player said this inclusion is a “pay to lose” situation given how easy it is to spot on the map.

Godzilla is kinda awful ngl from CODWarzone

Even fans of the rich history that Godzilla has in respect to kaiju movies aren’t onboard, as Redditor clsv6262 said: “I was hoping it would be a literal man-sized Godzilla. Spikes, tails, and all. And when you make character dialogue, you get nothing but roars. What a disappointment.”


Another Godzilla shared this sentiment too, adding “I was hyped for a Godzilla skin, until I saw this trash. Then I was very disappointed. I’m a huge Kaiju fan, but I can’t buy this.”

Naturally, comparisons to Fortnite’s approach to crossovers aren’t unwarranted and Warzone players seem to think the developers are keen to capitalize on Epic Games’ success.

Operation Monarch launches on May 11 as a limited-time event.