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Warzone player urged to marry girlfriend after she made him a real loadout drop

Published: 8/May/2022 20:04

by Zackerie Fairfax


A Call of Duty Warzone player’s girlfriend made him a real-life loadout drop full of snacks, and now the internet is urging him to marry her.

Video games and romance don’t normally go hand-in-hand. As seen in a recent viral Reddit post, video games can sometimes be the downfall of a relationship.

Viral trends, like the “Me or a PS5” TikTok trend, pit video games against romance making players choose one or the other. But that’s not always the case.

In fact, a Warzone player recently posted a photo on Reddit of a DIY Loadout Drop his girlfriend made for him. This act of love was enough for the comments section to be filled with demands that he marry her.


DIY loadout drop in call of duty

Warzone player ordered to marry girlfriend

Reddit user edjwize posted a photo of the care package to r/Warzone along with the loadout inside. The caption read, “My gf made me a snack loadout for finals szn.”

The comments had a lot to say about the girlfriend’s clutch loadout drop. An overwhelming number of them demanded he marries his girlfriend as quickly as possible.

“Put a ring on it” said the most upvoted comment under the post. “She deserves a legendary attachment” one comment read referring to a ring, while others more directly stated, “Marry her, now!!!!”

My gf made me a snack loadout for finals szn from CODWarzone

One user even reworded the iconic victory speech at the end of a Warzone match commenting, “WARZONE VICTORY. LET’S GET YOU TO THE JEWELER, SOLDIER! YOU’VE GOT A DATE WITH A WEDDING.”


Some comments were confused by what edjwize meant when he said “finals szn” thinking it had something to do with competitive CoD. However, he explained that he would need the snacks while studying for tests over the next three weeks instead of playing Warzone.