Warzone 2 players slam disappearing weapon bug “ruining” matches

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A new Warzone 2 issue that sees dropped weapons and equipment disappear has been blasted by players, with plenty claiming it has “ruined” matches and needs a quick patch.

Warzone 2 has seen its share of issues since launch, from the bizarre glitch that let players skip the Gulag to crashes occuring when entering certain sections of Al Mazrah and, recently, an exploit that lets players hide in walls and kill other players.

Now, some players have run into an issue where dropped equipment and weapons inexplicably vanish, leaving the affected player without their hard-earned loot and, potentially, a purchased weapon from a Buy Station or Loadout Drop.

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Warzone 2 vanishing weapons bug

Both of these happened to one Redditor, who shared their experience in a frustrated post on January 7. The bug occurred towards the finale of his quad’s high kill game, ruining the closing stages of what they said was one of their best games on Warzone 2.

They explained that their weapon vanished shortly after dropping it, as well as being unable to interact with a munitions box. The result was a subsequent elimination.

Other players populating the Reddit thread also shared their stories of misadventures with bugs in Warzone 2. Some said they had experienced an identical issue.

“That has happened to me a bunch of times. It seems to happen a lot more in intense situations or the closer you get to the final 2 circles,” commented one user.

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Unfortunately, it’s not clear what causes the specific problems so, right now, it’s hard to mitigate against. Nor, at the time of writing, have Raven or Infinity Ward addressed the issues publicly.

The issues join some development decisions that have been criticized by prominent community figures. Recently, creator Swagg criticized the game for “moving backwards” compared to Warzone 1 in its final version. Here’s hoping players find it to be moving forwards in the near future.